Wednesday, June 9, 2021

To Paraphrase Blobby & Urspo-I got nothing!

Well actually I do have stuff....soooo much stuff!  I just don't have time right now for much blogging.  I am preparing for a big stockpile sale on Saturday and it's so blazing hot out I can only stand being in the garage for limited amounts of time.  I finally got Hubs to help me arrange the furniture/shelving so now I  can lug shit out there and set it up, then take photos and post on various local websites.

And price stickers!  I went to Buck a Branch(aka Dollar Tree)yesterday to get little sticky dot price tags and they had NONE!  Which meant I had to then go to the Evil Empire(aka Walmart).  While there, after finding the sticky dots, I did a small haul to finish my Grand Slam and my Midweek Bonuses and paid a whole $6.28 OOP on all the Ibotta goodies after using a free Fetch $25 Gift card.  After rebates earned and a .50¢ coupons dotcom rebate on the ice cream too) rebates came to $36.43 making this trip was a $30.15 moneymaker(just counting the Ibotta items bought).

 I lucked out and found 2 vitamin clearance items that were $2.50 moneymakers plus another one that was free after rebate. I also found 3 items that were $5 total on clearance that didn't have Ibotta rebates but they were so cheap and stuff I could use(Move-Free, which might help my knee and some vitamins)so I brought those home too.

And I still haven't gotten a response from my Dr. about my knee issues.  I looked online and my message from 6/3 still hasn't been read by staff as of today, 6/9. Grrrr.  I suppose the doc is on vacation so nobody is in a hurry to check his messages.  Just another irritation on a hot humid sweltering day, right?

And the bathroom reno continues.  We had a delay as the shower walls still hadn't come in(and they still aren't in!)but everything else is done except sanding the spackled walls so we can paint....oh yeah, and buying paint. ;-)

Here's sneak peak at the floor........

It's a greyed laminate waterproof plank wood flooring.  All the stuff in there will be white with chrome or nickel accents(faucets, towel bar, etc.).  Nice and bright and clean looking as opposed to the big blob of  ugly tan it all was before.

I am off to gather more crap to sell and I may not be heard from again until Friday's frugal post.

Stay out of the heat y'all and have a good midweek!



  1. I love the bathroom floors! They look great.
    Have fun stocking your "store".

  2. How hot is it? If you have extra pieces of the shower wall, you can use it as a white board and use the erasable markers on it.

  3. Stay cool, Sluggy. I hope your sale makes you a lot of cash. )

  4. Love those floors! Don't work too hard on that sale.

  5. A video of the sale would be fun, not that I expect you will have time. I would now put a white curtain in the bathroom to let in lots of pure light. But, that's just me.

  6. That is what we have in bathrooms and laundry room. Our friends put it in their laundry room, hall, kitchen and dining room and we liked it so got it ourselves. If I ever have to replace this hard wood floor , that will be through the entire house.

    1. When we redid the master bath we considered the porcelain tile planking with the wood look but were told not to get it since it warped and cracked, I guess they hadn't worked the kinks on it out yet. This stuff is laminate technically and water resistant/waterproof so good for baths and kitchens and high traffic areas. We already replaced the kitchen(porcelain tile)and the living/dining rooms/stairway and upstairs hall and master bedroom with bamboo flooring but we're redoin the powder room with this same greyed wood look stuff when we get to it too. Beige,tan neutrals aren't my thing, I am more of a grey neutral gal I guess. lol

    2. Looking forward to the pics when it's done! We have a big reno project we need to do for our master bedroom extending into the master bath. It's a big one, but we are planning to do it ourselves. It may kill us though. lol Good luck with your sale!


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