Thursday, June 10, 2021

Surprise! A Post!! Sort of.....

 Got almost everything staged in the garage and now it's time to price sticker it all. ugh.  Not quite as hot as the last few days....low 80's I can handle with breaks in the a/c now and again. 

I'll share photos at some point.

I also have a last minute dr. appointment for my knee in a couple of hours.....probably will result in a cortisone steroid shot.  fun times.  Then I get to come home and shot myself too in the leg for HS.
good times, good times.  Hopefully by Sat. morning I'll be able to function and run this sale.

No shopping at all for me except that Walmart run earlier in the week.  Ibotta hasn't sucked me in again....yet. lol



  1. I love to get a cortisone shot under my kneecap! The pain stops. I need one right now. I am excited for you and your sale.

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