Friday, June 4, 2021

Frugal Friday...the June 4th Edition

 A few frugal wins from this past week........

*  We went to our favorite nursery last weekend and got a flat of assorted veggies and flowers. Hubs planted everything with my supervision as my knee and back are still wonky this week.  Not a big garden but a few favorites that the flat of plants will provide.

*  We didn't eat out and mostly ate down the freezer and leftovers from the Memorial Day cook-out.

*  And contrary to belief I didn't hit ANY grocery stores.....well, until today but my frugal week runs Friday to Thursday anyway so it goes on next week's report. ;-)

*  I watched some free movies with my Amazon Prime account.

*  I've been cleaning out stuff to get ready for my stockpile sale as my old body has allowed me to.

*  I grew a couple of my Rite-Aid accounts Bonus Cash.  I found a store near the nursery that had Sally Hansen nail polish on sale for $1.49 per bottle and it counted toward the SH polish deal this week When you buy 2/Get $4 in BC back.  After sales tax it grew my BC by .85¢ per 2 bottles purchased.

*  I found money!

On my big outing last Friday I found this Quarter tucked behind the self-checkout machine I was using.

Then I stopped in at my Rite-Aid on the way home and found this nickel in front of the register counter.

Total Found This Week... .30¢
Total Found This Year....$4.10

That's it for this week.

I hope y'all had some frugal wins too!
Tell us all about them. 8-)

And have a good Weekend....



  1. We have a small garden area, but obviously it has perfect conditions for zucchini growing. Today we harvested the first one and a gazillion more are forming. Why can't our tomatoes produce like that!

  2. I found $.71 cents but I had to hunt it down in the MCd's drive in!


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