Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Walmart & Rite-Aid This Week to Get to My Bonuses

 Trying to spend down and/or convert my Bonus Cash to cash through Ibotta so I hit up Rite-Aid on Monday and brought this home..........

2 x Colorista temporary spray color 75% off=$5.26
1 x Almay eye product 75% off=$2.24
1 x Almay face product 75% off=$3.49
1 x L'Oreal lipstick 75% off=$2.37
3 x Vaseline tiny tubs clearance=$1.47
1 x Vaseline cocoa butter tub 20% Gold Disc.=$1.59

Coupon used was the In-Ad Colorista $4/2 R-AQ so Grand Total was $12.42+.75¢ tax=$13.17 paid for with Bonus Cash.
I earned $8 in new BC(2 x $4 Vaseline)and converted $13 via Ibotta on everything but the Vaseline products.
I then had 4 of the 15 offers for a $3 Midweek Bonus on Ibotta.

Tuesday I went to Walmart and got this stuff........

1 x Good Moo'd reduced lactose milk=$3.68
2 x Suave men's body wash(large ones on clearance-.75¢ ea.)=$1.50
1 x Suave lotion=$1.72
1 x Jergens lotion=$3.48
2 x Ritz toasted chips rollback=$5.00
1 x Frigo feta cheese=$2.12
1 x Sargento creamery cheddar slices=$2.95
1 x Cracker Barrel block=$3.18
2 x U by Kotex pads=$10.94
1 x 6 pack Deer Park water=$2.12 *not in picture
1 x Colgate Renewal toothpaste=$6.96 *not in picture
2 x XXX item=$6.22 (can't show/mention it as it's a gift)
1 x Old Tyme Raisin Bread=$2.78
I used $11.25 in Qs so $41.44+.23¢ tax=$41.67

I used a $25 free Shop Kick gift card which brought my OOP down to $16.67.
I earned rebates back on the milk, all 3 cheeses, the Jergens, the Colgate, the XXXX items and the pads=$17.00 on those 8 rebates plus a $2 Level 3 June Bonus.

Then I hit a different R-A near that Walmart and got all this..........

8 x Vaseline tiny tubs on clearance=$3.94
3 x boxes of candy on sale=$3.00
5 x Health Warrior protein bars on clearance=$2.45
1 x Revlon brow kit 75% off=$3.24
1 x Revlon lip crayon 75% off=$2.49
SubTotal....$15.10+.58¢=$15.68 paid for with BC and gift card. (I used no Qs.)

I earned back $16 in new BC(4 x $4 Vaseline).
I also converted some BC to cash via Ibotta earning $12 there plus hit the $3 Midweek Bonus.

Total OOP for all 3 trips......$16.67
Total BC earned.......$24.00
Total Ibotta rebates earned....$47.00

Spent $16.67, earned/converted $71.00.

And my Bonus Cash pile is dwindling as planned. 8-)



  1. Eye brow kit here I love the one you gave me a while back. I am going to call you back today noticed you called and it has been crazy here.

  2. Nice deals. I got the Sargento creamery shreds at Walmart, because they had $1 peelies. 70c per bag is my kinda price :)

    I haven't been inspired to go drugstore shopping lately. I let my $3 EB expire yesterday and don't even feel like redeeming the $16 Wags RRs, cause I have to do 4 transaction...grrr. I think I'm burned out from drugstore shopping.

  3. Great deals. You have it down to a fine art!


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