Friday, July 2, 2021

Frugal Friday....the July 2nd Edition

 A new month but the usual frugalness around here at Chez Sluggy.  Let's look at what went down this past week............

* I had gotten a "we miss you, here's $5 to spend" from Kohl's so I went in and found something that was close to that price that I could use/live with.....

a long sleeve knit shirt for kicking around the house that cost me $2.20 OOP.  It may be too big to wear in public by Winter/Fall but perfectly good for around the house.

*  I got a post coupon at Rite-Aid........

$3 for a coupon that was forgotten.  Poor little coupon.

*  Then I returned a couple of items and got money back.........

*  I got some deals at Rite-Aid, spent down to $0 on one of my cards this past week, and hit some Ibotta rebates and bonuses along the way.

* I held a stockpile sale in conjunction with a community wide yard sale day in town.  Busy, busy and got rid of lots of items and between the two sales(with a week in the middle when I was out of town)I raked in 7+ bills.  I gave some away to local friends, there is a largish load ready to go to the food bank, I've got items earmarked for relatives and friends when I go see them too.  I think I emptied at least 3 large Rubbermaid tubs of goods!

*  Hubs got Burger King for us one day using a free gift card. go us.

*  I found money!

Two pennies at R-A on Friday........

Another two pennies at R-A on Monday........

And two additional pennies at Walmart on Tuesday(forgot to take a photo of those).

Total Money Found This Week... 06¢
Total Money Found This Year...$5.68

That's about all I remember from this past week that was frugal.

What frugal wins did ya'll have this past week?
Let's here it!

And have a good weekend....



  1. My favorite cheese was on sale this week, so I picked some up. My latest frugal kick is to make my own nut milk. And I get to control the sugar - super bonus for me. Other than that, just watching the budget.

  2. Look at all those goodies for sale.

  3. I am not sure I did anything really frugal except avoiding bail money that would have been needed if I had harmed the electrician.

  4. no frugality here this week but I found coins and think of you.


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