Thursday, July 8, 2021

Ibotta/SwagBucks/Coupon dotcom Haul at Walmart on Tuesday

 So I had a $3 MidWeek Bonus for 6 offers and I was a long way from earning the $10 Fireworks Bonus that ends on the 12th.  I went with Hubs to Walmart and got all this.............

1 x Popcorn Indiana
2 x Oreo Dynasty cookies
1 x Oreo lemon Family size cookies
1 x Neutrogena Body Scrub
1 x Great Value sparkling water
2 x Mrs. Butterworth's syrup
1 x Alive! vitamins
1 x Thomas's English muffins
5 x Budding lunchmeat packs
2 x Spin Brush toothbrushes
1 x Kandoo wipes
1 x Earth and Sun wipes
1 x Nerds gummy clusters
1 x Mentos mints
1 x Neutrogena bar soap
1 x Colgate Renew toothpaste*not pictured*
1 x Jergens cherry almond lotion*not pictured*

Total after paper coupons used($8)was $50.79.  It would have been $66.55 but I bought the toothbrushes in a separate transaction and paid with that Hospital refund debit card so those were free. ;-)

I earned $36.89 back on Ibotta + the $3 Mid Week Bonus=$39.89.
I also used to Coupons dotcom digital Qs so got another $4.50 for the Jergens and the Colgate Renew so a return of 44.39 on $50.79 spent OOP.  So a $6.40 haul before all the other apps I used.

Then I earned $23.06 back on SwagBucks($20 on Spin Brushes, $2 on Mrs. Butterworth's(double dipped with Ibotta $3 rebate for 2), $1 on Oreo's, and 3 x .02¢ or.06¢ for submitting 3 receipts), 919 points on Fetch and .70¢ on Shop Kick.

I also got a free Redbox rental coupon for buying the Popcorn Indiana. 8-)

And I only need 7 more rebates to get that $10 Fireworks Bonus. yay.

Not a bad days shopping......



  1. I've had my daughter load receipts into her fetch-just dont' take th etime myself, but she now eanred a gift card so that's great. You did well-and a Redbox movie rental to boot.

  2. Awesome score! I did the toothbrush deal on Mypoints, cause it was an $8.xx MM after double dipping with the Swago board.

  3. You really know the rules and work them well.


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