Friday, July 16, 2021

Frugal Friday.....the July 16th Edition

 Here's my list of frugalness from this past week......

*  I went to Wags with Sissie a couple of days ago(though I don't do Wags)and found some clearance items I couldn't resist......

This was my second trip.  The Wags branded Melatonin gummies were on clearance at $1.39 and also BOGO50% for the second bottle was .69¢.  The Natrol was also on clearance for $2.49.  It didn't ring up correctly so I had to take a photo of the clearance tag and show it to the manager.......

So I got it for $2.49.  And I had a $2 manufacturer coupon which the register would take so the cashier did some hocus pocus and I paid just over $2 for everything(including something not shown which was a gift for someone).
I also picked up 2 108 packs of low dosage aspirin on clearance(.70¢)and the second pack was 50% off that so .35¢ which was a great deal.

*  I spent money on gas to get down to Sissie's but my car is little and gets great gas mileage. ;-)

*  I found money and boy!, did I!........

I found a dime at Rite-Aid last Saturday.

Then I found another dime at my Rite-Aid again on Sunday.

On Tuesday I went to Sissie's house and found all this on my bed there......

On Wednesday I found this at Wags.........

A penny on the sidewalk and a dime under the counter at the register.

Then I pulled "a Kim" at the Mickey D's Drive thru jumping out of the car while Sissie drove and picked up all this change(plus another penny I put in the donation slot as it was close to the window and someone missed obviously-the other's were picked up by the speaker)so I kept 9¢.

Then I went back to Wags on Thursday and found another penny in almost exactly the same spot on the sidewalk outside.

I hit Mickey D's again for an Iced Tea on that trip and spotted this squished penny next to the ordering speaker so I opened the door and scooped it up before going to the window to pay/get my drink.

Total Found This Week....$1.15
Total Found This Year....$12.09

*  I left Hubs at home with tons of leftovers and foodstuff to make meals.  But I've yet to cook since I left for MD. 8-)  And we haven't eaten out except for at the food court at Ikea while I've been here.

That's about it for this past week.......

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?  
Tell us all about it!



  1. Good job on found money! And, money on the bed?

  2. Sounds like a good week, Sluggy. That was a good clearance deal at Wags. You found a lot of coins this week. That's great.

  3. So much found money! Love it.

  4. $2.05 from Ibotta this week and no shopping last week. Bought pool supplies at Menard’s and used a $42 rebate.

    Jen G.


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