Friday, July 30, 2021

Frugal Friday...the July 30th Edition

 Frugal wins here at Chez Sluggy this past week came and went.  Here are the highlights.......

*  The Freeosk machine in Walmart was actually dispensing samples this week.....

Cinnamon mini tarts.  No one has tried them yet so the jury is still out on this product.

*  I found money!

Last Saturday I got a drink at Burger King while I was out pillaging a R-A.  These 3 coins were stuck into the asphalt next to my car at the drivee-thru.  Since the cashier was slow at running my gift card I hopped out of the car and pried them off the driveway.  There were more coins more embedded into the asphalt so next time I'll bring a screwdriver with me! lol

Found this lot around the store at my Rite-Aid and in the foyer there on Monday.

This penny was found on Tuesday at CVS by the register.

Back to R-A for Rx refills on Wednesday and found this lot of coins.

The 3 coins to the left were found again at my R-A on Thursday.  The coin on the right I don't remember where.....Weis maybe or Walmart?  It's been a long week and I can't recall....

Total Found This Week... .32¢
Total Found This Year...$12.78

*  I actually went to CVS(if you saw the penny I got there above)on Tuesday.  I had a freebie digital Q for acetaminophen or ibuprofen but their truck hadn't come in yet this week.
But I did use a $5 off any ice cream digital Q and brought home a pint of my favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor(Cherry Garcia).  It only cost me $1.29.  I'd pay that all day long for this flavor. 8-)))
And speaking of CVS this ECB printed out when I bought the ice cream......
Seriously?  What the hell am I suppose to do with that?!?! lolz

*  I've been trying to keep ahead of the cukes and zukes from the garden.

Last Weekend I made pickles.  I need to add more cukes to this jar once we eat these.

And the zukes have made appearances at the table(so far)as tempura spears, in a tomato based dish with lemon pepper chicken and in this......

I had leftover carrot shreds to use up so I shredded 1/3 of a zuke too and threw that into the mixture and voila!....carrot cake.  So moist and full of fruits and veg and nuts it doesn't need frosting.
I see more tempura spears, grilled zuke, a zuke gratin casserole and stuffed zuke waiting in the wings to make their appearances. ;-)

That's about it for the highlights besides some Rite-Aid pillaging(4 cans of Friskies for a $6+ moneymaker? Yes please!).

How was your week?  Any good deals or frugal wins??
Hope y'all have a good weekend!



  1. I still have the check from Walgreens for $0.21 that I never remember to take to them when I pick up meds. It has probably expired. They spent more on postage than the check.

  2. I received a boring box full of good stuff and my cat is still enjoying the box. It was a tight squeeze but she wedges her chunky self in there. Sluggy has pictures that can be shared if she wants to make Zima famous.

    Jen G.

  3. I am sitting here laughing and snorting at the .03 extra buck! No telling how long that actual receipt was to begin with! Funny, funny, funny!
    Let us know how the mini tarts are!

  4. I also have 3 cents,it's the 2 percent back on purchasing,plus I have a 21 Fenton to use

  5. I used my 21 cents yesterday and received 27 more cents

  6. I have a freebie cucumber that needs to be made into pickles. Thanks for reminder.

  7. Pickles are a sensible way to make use of excessive vegetables; good for you !


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