Friday, July 9, 2021

Frugal Friday.....the July 9th Edition

 What frugal stuff happened here this past week.......

*  Saturday found us in New Jersey meeting the future in-laws and assorted other family.  The future daughter in-law cooked the feast and some folks brought dishes as well.  I made my "famous" Boston Baked Beans which is a relatively low cost dish as I had all the ingredients.

*  I didn't get the $5 Catalina(or instant $5 off, I don't even know the details of the deal nor did the store staff)for Spending $15 on specific items so I went back to Weis the next day, took a photo of the sign and had my receipt and explained that I got neither a discount on the bill or a Catalina.

So after going back to make sure that Spend $15/Get $5 Back sign was on the items I bought(don't believe the photo I just took much?)they handed me a $5 bill.

*  I plundered Rite-Aid a bit but not much, bringing home stuff and converting and/or spending down Bonus Cash only.  No actual money left my wallet.

*  I found money!

While I stood waiting at Customer Service for someone to decide how to handle the Catalina situation I spied this.......

A Canadian quarter.  Now I have to wait for Canada to let me in so I can spend it. lol

On that first trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets where I was "cheated" out of my $5 Catalina thing I spied this laying in the parking lot walking back to my car.........

An abandoned $5 bill with no one around to see who lost it.  I called the store and told them I found it and left my cell phone # if anyone asked about losing money in their parking lot.  It's been a week now and no one has called to claim it.

I also found this at the self-checkout peeping out of the little trash can they keep next to it on my first foray into Weis Markets....

A Catalina for $1.25 off your next ordeer.  I also found a Cat for Hot Pockets. Somebody who used the checkout before me just threw $1.25 in the trash. tsk tsk tsk

I also found this at Rite-Aid.......

A penny.  I don't recall where in the store I found this now.

Total Found This Week...$5.26
Total Found This Year....$10.94

*   There was no Take-out or Eating Out(other than the potluck in Jersey)this past week.

*  Not much to report as I stayed home mostly until today(except for the foray into Walmart on Tuesday and Rite-Aid one day).  I spent the week tending the garden, gabbing on the phone, cooking, cleaning, tending to the doggies, moving crap around the house, doing laundry during the off-peak hours, gathering a large donation to the food bank, etc.

That's about all from here.
How frugal was your week?  I hope you had some good wins!



  1. I always feel guilty when I find a$% bill or larger. I remember losing my last $10.00 one time when we only had the two girls and it was all we had for two weeks.

  2. This week there were not many good items in ads. Usually, the first week ads are good, not so this month.


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