Sunday, July 11, 2021

Finishing the Ibotta $10 Bonus

 I only needed 8 offers to get that Fireworks Bonus and 15 offers to get a $1 Weekend Warrior.  womp womp.

I went ahead and did 15 offers anyway this past week plus a few other items with other offers.

1 x Larabar box on clearance
1 x Twinings Cold Infused tea
5 x Buddig lunch meat packs
1 x Ball Park Everything buns*both Ibotta and Coupons apps
1 x GM Instant Oatmeal
1 x any Cereal item
1 x Quaker Instant Oatmeal
2 x Chips Ahoy! golden chip cookie
1 x Kellogg's Jumbo Snax*both Ibotta and Shop Kicks
1 x Kandoo Wipes
2 x Oreo Dynasty cookies
1 x Oreo family size cookies
1 x Mott's Mighty applesauce cups
1 x any brand coffee
2 x Hanover twisted pretzels
1 x Frigo cheese
1 x Popcorn Indiana
2 x Cinnadust Cinnamon/Sugar mix*Swag Bucks app
1 x Heinz mustard* both Coupons and Shop Kicks
1 x Kraft mac and cheese box *Coupons app
1 x OM Weiners pack *Coupons app
1 x Heinz relish *Shop Kick app
1 x Harry's Shave cream *Shop Kick app
I did 17 rather than 15 Ibotta offers.

I spent $79.30 subtotal on the Ibotta and non Ibotta items(but after paper coupons).  I used a $25 free SwagBucks gift card spending a grand total OOP of $54.30.
I earned back $36.52 on Ibotta(including the $10 Fireworks, a $1 Weekend Warrior and the .50¢ July Level One Bonuses)making my spending $17.78.  Then I submitted to Checkout 51 for another $2 back on the Cinnadust)taking the total down to $15.78.  I submitted for $12.68 back on Coupons app making my OOP $3.10.

I also submitted to Swagbucks for the Cinnadust, any bread, 2 any receipts for $8.22 in points, $11.00 worth of Shop Kicks points(Heinz Mustard and relish, Harry's shave cream, Twinings cold infused tea, Quaker oatmeal and Kellogg's jumbo snax) and I earned 75 points on Fetch.  I don't count these amounts until I cash out though.

I also brought home 4 Cremo deodorants from Rite-Aid last week spending Bonus Cash(earning $10 in BC back)and submitted to Checkout 51 for $8 back on that purchase.

I feel look about this week's app shopping. 
The "junk food" aka cookies, cereal, pretzels and applesauce will go to the cashier at Rite-Aid with 2 pre-teen boys and some to the food bank.  The cashier going through some tough times as a single parent and she won't let me gift her any cash but she will accept foodstuffs so she doesn't have to spend her paycheck on this sort of stuff for her kids. ;-)



  1. Good job on shopping. That is very thoughtful of you to help the cashier!

  2. Bless you for helping the cashier. I'm sure she appreciated all the food.

  3. So kind of you to reach out to the RA cashier. Pre-teen boys can have huge appetites. Have a great week!

  4. How great that you are able to help others with your shopping skills. :-) I stayed home & avoided shopping this weekend, even though I have a $1/$5 purchase from Rite Aid. I couldn't drum up any motivation to leave the house.

  5. Great deals as always. I absolutely love what you are doing for your cashier.

  6. t is really nice that you know someone personally who can use some of the foods you "buy". (And I use that term lightly as I bow to your coupon/rebate greatness.)

  7. You are such a good person, but I am still mad and jealous.


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