Wednesday, June 23, 2021

And the June Winner Is..........

 Here's what was up for grabs this month.........

And the winning comment was............

Debbie H!

We're vaccinated :) We are currently away for a week...up north in our state. We're here with two of our four daughters and their husbands. Wish it could have been all, but it's hard with so many work schedules and the kids' limited pto. My husband and I also go often to our camper, currently on a seasonal site this year. Planning on next year's out of state travel for a couple of family get togethers in WA and OR. Plus there's always house and yard projects! A lot gets crammed into our MN summers..haha!

Congratulations to Debbie and I need you to email me your mailing information to my personal email on the right sidebar under "About Me".

You have 48 hours after this post goes live to get in touch with me.  After that, I'll have to draw another winner.

Thanks for everyone who participated this month.  Come back in July for some more chances to win some of my crap. ;-)))



  1. Oh picked me for the June giveaway! What a fun surprise...thank you so much!!

    All the best to you! Debbie H


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