Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Some Rite-Aid Last Week But Not Much By My Standards

 I took a photo of most of what I got at Rite-Aid last sales week but I forgot a few bags of stuff. lol

Forgot 3 bags of stuff like 2 x 9 Elements cleaning products, some 75% off Spring cleaning items, 2 bag of chips, a better than free Revlon mascara(after Ibotta rebate and coupons dotcom $3 Q).  2 bags of M and M's and a Milky Way bar are missing too and maybe other stuff.  I was too tired to find the rest in my disaster of a dining room right now. lolz

Total Bonus Cash spent......$168.17 including tax
Total Bonus Cash earned....$137.00
Spent the BC down by $31.17 and Zero OOP.

Other than 1 or 2 transactions this week(got to at least use that $15 BC wyspend $60 coupon!)I am laying off of R-A for a bit.  Can't totally stop as my BC will expire and I can't let THAT happen. ;-)



  1. milky way, M&Ms and Doritos ... lunch !!!!!

    1. LOLOL
      I must confess 1 dark chocie Milky Way was my lunch yesterday(btw I did eat a proper dinner).

  2. I truly do enjoy seeing how you do the Rite Aid thing, but it is just too much math and science.
    There are constants that the universe relies on. I am pretty sure if you let your BC expire unused, there would be some serious warp in the time /space continuum and mayhem would ensue. I count on your using them to keep us all safe!
    Meanwhile I will provide the shallow counterpoint and let coupons remain unused to keep the universe balanced.

  3. I may need to enter the Tardis soon to keep the Universe safe!

  4. As usual you are the bomb. I would have had two candy bars for lunch as you don't want to be lop sided. By the way National donut day is FRIDAY!


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