Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Frugal Friday on Tuesday....A Couple of Weeks Worth

Well I've been in the weeds as they say in the restaurant biz and need to "put out" as Ur-Spo's Board of Director's would comment.

As I didn't get around to Frugal Friday the last two weeks here's what happened that may pass for frugal during that time period..........

*  I found money!

.11¢ In the Shursave Market checkout when I went to buy .99¢ a lb. peaches.

And .10¢ when we took eldest son and his GF to the amusement park last Thursday.  I found this dime in the log flume we were assigned right next to my leg and you know darn well I picked that up! lol

*  I got free dental stuff that first week at Rite-Aid..........

*  I got better than free E.L.F. brushes last week, as well as Physician's Formula make-up remover at Rite-Aid.........

The $1 brushes were NOT giving Bonus Cash at my store, even though the signage didn't exclude these price point items.  I only bought 3 to test it and no BC printed.
I called Corporate Customer Service and I got my $3 BC but didn't feel like having to fight for more BC by calling again if I bought 3 more brushes so I didn't even try.

The Physician's Formula coconut milk make-up remover was a nice little Moneymaker(spent $2.54 total in BC, got back $6 in Bonus Cash).  I didn't jump right on here last week to mention it since the $4/1 Physician's Formula IPQs were no longer available and you would have needed 2 of those to do this moneymaker.  8-(

*  I got the Weis(PMITA)Markets Friday Freebie one Friday but not the other............

A free bottle of chocolate syrup.  I don't remember what the Freebie was the other week but it was something we don't use(plus I was in too much pain to go to the store)so I took a hard pass on that one.

*  A Weis deal worth noting I did...........

This dry dog food was on clearance 50% off at $4.72.  I had a $3/1 digital Q loaded to my Weis card making it $1.72.  In addition, there was a peelie Q on the bag for a free can of wet food wyb that dry dog food bag(and that peelie Q gave me .31¢ of overage(can was $2.19, Q took off $2.50)so I paid $1.41 OOP for both.

* I canned .99¢ lb. blueberries and peaches...............

4 1/2s and 3 full jam jars of blueberry(plus another full jam jar in the fridge).........

And 5 full jam jars, 1 tall 10 oz. jam jar and 3 1/2s of peach jam(plus a pint in the fridge).

*  I got a deal on leeks at the produce market where I got the blueberries too.........

$1.69 for two HUGE leeks and I sliced them up and filled 2 quart bags for the freezer.  Leek soup will be served sometime this Winter when it's freezing out to warm our tummies up.  ;-)

*  The only thing I bought on Amazon Prime Day was this............

A bottle of Turumeric Curcumin.  It was 31% off what they normally charge and this is a daily supplement I take for my HS.  I was happy to get it this cheaply.

*  The night eldest son and the GF arrived I roasted a whole chicken from the freezer, make up some asiago cheese rice and picked broccoli from the garden...........

Here's the head about a week before I picked it(didn't think to take a photo before I roasted it w/the chicken.....oh well.

That's about all I can remember that was frugal over the last 2 weeks. ER visits and medical tests were not frugal but having health insurance will make those costs a bit easier to swallow.

I hope everyone else had a good couple of weeks in the frugal arena.

I am still playing catch-up here.
I'm taking it easier physically and not trying to over do here and Hubs is giving me hell when I do too much.  Making adjustments and soldiering on.



  1. You must be feeling a little better if you can ride a flume and pick up a dime!

    1. Well I WAS drugged up that day and the flume seat had me practically sitting on the floor of the thing so I just reached my hand down to get that dime. I only did 3 rides and I was done that day.

  2. So glad you are doing better!

    The jams look yummy!

    Your pup is sure to love that Beyond! My kitties (Beyond makes a cat food version as well!) love it! As a matter of fact, they view it as a treat!

    1. I just hope they eat it if I work it into rotation gradually. lol Of course Chester thinks people veggies are the treat! Weird dog....

  3. Does finding change in your sons room count as found money if lying on floor

    1. Of course it does....especially if you find it and keep it and he doesn't notice it's gone. lolz

  4. Hi Sluggy this is Chris. I am glad to see you are feeling better. <3

  5. Sounds like you are feeling better, Sluggy. That's great.

  6. Glad you are feeling better. My husband would be asking when I was going to recover. Yours is much nicer. I bet he is happy about that blueberry jam.


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