Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hitting the Discount Stores This Week + Rite-Aid

First off here is what I spent my $5 in ECBs at CVS on the day they expired, July 12th.........

I didn't want to generate more ECBs with my purchase so I bought something I could use for the puppies.  2 packs of dog bone treats to keep them busy.  I paid $1.06 OOP for these after using the ECBs.
Now I am off the CVS merry-go-round, thankfully.  It's just too much work trying to stay on top of ECBs and BC as well.  I'll stick to Rite-Aid for now. ;-)

So here's where I went this week to cherry pick some deals.......

Went to P and R Discounters(a salvage/discontinued item store)and got--

* 2 x BC pie crust mix boxes for .99¢ ea.
* 2 x Smash Mallow gourmet marshmallow bags for .59¢ ea.
* 1 x Ocean's Halo Stir-Fry sauce for .79¢
* 1 x Ocean's Halo Soy-Free Soy Sauce for .79¢
* 1 x Seeds of Change Sesame Ginger Asian sauce for .99¢
* 2 x Mi-Del Ginger Snap Pie Crust for .79¢ ea.
* 2 x Bell's Stuffing Mix for .89¢ ea.
* 2 x Essential Everyday Spaghetti for .59¢ ea.
* 1 x Boudin Sourdough Pita Crisps for .99¢
* 1 x Velveeta log for $3.49(for Ex-CB)
* 2 x Folger's Coffee Singles(19 in box)for .99¢ ea.(for Hubs)
* 2 x Goya 28 oz Tomato Paste for $1.29 ea.(HUGH CANS!)

* 4 x Stop and Shop Mozzrella 1 lb. for $1.99 ea.
* 3.66 lbs. of BSCB for $1.29 lb.!
*1 case(12 boxes)of Hamburger Helper Lasagna flavor for $1.99 total.

Total out the door was $33.98.

Now I know I'll catch shit for buying a CASE of Hamburger Helper but.....
1-It's a flavor we like now and again and everyone here will eat it.
2-It's something Hubs can prepare if I am not well.
3-With 1 and 2 above, it was also .0825¢ a box!
Bonus-each box has Box Tops for Education I can sell on eBay.
sweet. 8-)

Then I hit the produce market(Hubs calls it Macarena because he can't remember the name!lol It's Malacari's)......

* 5 lb. Russett Potatoes for $2.49
* 1 x cuke for .50¢
* 2.22 lb.s cherries for $1.99 lb.
* 1 x Red Pepper Cream Cheese spread for $2.99
* 1 lb. pack of Snow Peas for $1.84
* 1 pack of Hatfield hot dogs for .99¢
* 3 x lemons for .99¢
* 1.06 lb. chicken deli meat($6.99 lb.)
* .58 lb. roast beef deli meat($4.99 lb.)
* 1 gallon of Whole Milk *not pictured*
If I can't get to the farm stand or over to the Restaurant Supply this is the best priced produce and deli meat in town.

Total out that door was $27.14.

Lastly I hit the Bread Outlet........

* 2 x Arnold's Oatmeal Bread  $1.33 ea.
* 1 x Thomas' English Muffins  $1.33 ea.
* 1 x 16 pack of hot dog rolls .89¢
* 2 x Entenmann's cinnamon doughnuts $1.50 ea.

Total out the bread store door was $7.89.

I hit Weis on Tuesday.........

I did the Mix and Match/Buy 6 Items, Get $3 Off--
4 x Birdseye veggies
2 x Tums antacid
Total was $18-$3=$15-.25¢ WeisQ for 1 Birdseye pack and 2 x $1.50 Tums Qs doubled=$11.75 for all 6 items.
The can of tomato soup was .75¢ after another WeisQ.
I found these Shrimp Cup O' Noodles on clearance for .50¢ ea. and picked them up for Ex-CB.
The trash bags and bleach were part of a "Spend $20(based on shelf price)/Get $7 off Instantly.  I also have 2 x $2.50/1 Glad trash bag IPQs so OOP for those 3 items after sale prices/Qs/$7 instant off was $6.98 total.

The soup mixes were also 50% on clearance($1.32 each)so I got Hubs the Sicilian Lentil one and 2 x Mushroom mix for myself.
I got a $3 meat stickered pack of ground beef(1.33 lbs.)plus used a .50¢ WeisQ along with 2 heads of lettuce and used another .25¢ WeisQ.
A lemon meringue pie($1 off so $6), a $2 pack of cherry turnovers(50% off)and a $1 pack of muffins(50% off + used a $1 WeisQ)brought the grand total at Weis(PMITA)Markets to $41.04.
Total spent this week was $110.04 so I am still under budget for July with $15.92 to spare.

Not bad considering I got some awesome deals, bought a LOT of bread products and some deli meats and last week was an overspending disaster since I had to send Hubs to the grocery store for me on more than one occasion.  And we hosted a cook-out for 7 people last week.

Then I hit Rite-Aid also on Tuesday........

I did this on my card--
2 x Gillette shave cream BOGO50%=$5.43
3 x Colgate toothpaste on sale $3.50=$10.50
1 x Biore face product 20% Wellness Disc=$6.63
1 x Jergens lotion 20% Wellness Disc.=$6.63

Coupons Used
1 x $5/2 Gillette shave cream L2CQ=$5.00
1 x $5/3 Colgate products L2CQ=$5.00
3 x $3/1 Colgate In-AdQ=$9.00
1 x $2.50/1 Biore ManuQ=$2.50
1 x $2.50/1 Jergens ManuQ=$2.50
Coupon Total.........$24.00

$29.19-$24.00=$5.19+.53¢ tax=$5.72 paid for with BC.
I earned $4 in new BC(wyb2 Biore/Jergens/Curel)so I spent down my Bonus Cash by $1.72.

I needed to buy stuff to cover the $3.50 overage on the 3 tubes of toothpaste.  The shave cream "cost" .43 for 2 after the Q and I had high value Biore and Jergens Qs and those gave back $4 in Bonus Cash so I went with that scenario.

Then I also had the $5/2 Gillette L2CQ on my daughter's card so I bought those again..........

Used .46¢ in BC(w/.03¢ tax)to pay.

Then on my son's card I had both a $5/3 Colgate L2CQ and a $4/2 Colgate L2CQ(which would give me $6.50 in overage)so I did this deal...........

2 x Gillette shave cream BOGO50%=$5.43
3 x Colgate toothpaste on sale $3.50=$10.50
2 x Colgate toothpaste on sale $3.50=$7.00
6 x Nabisco cookies on sale 2/$6=$18.00

Coupons Used
1 x $5/2 Gillette shave cream L2CQ=$5.00
1 x $5/3 Colgate toothpaste L2CQ=$5.00
1 x $4/2 Colgate toothpaste L2CQ=$4.00
5 x $3/1 Colgate In-AdQ=$15.00
2 x $1/3 Nabisco items ManuQ=$2.00
Coupon Total......$31.00

$40.93-$31.00=$9.93+.02¢tax=$9.95 using BC.
I earned back $1 in new BC(wyb2 Oreos).  I would have bought 6 x Oreos and gotten $3 in new BC but my store was cleaned out of Oreos except for the 3 I got so I had to sub Chips Ahoy!(which Ex-CB will readily eat-if they aren't gone yet....I haven't looked. lolz).
While I was too late to act on the Nabisco Checkout51 rebates I did get 2 x $1 SavingStar Nabisco rebates already so after rebates/BC earned I "spent down" $6.95 in BC for that transaction.

A tip on the Gillette shave cream--buying the $2.99 price point ones wasn't triggering the $5/2 L2CQ to come off so you need to make sure your 2 cans total at LEAST $5.00.  That is why I bought the slightly higher priced cans.  BUT online the $5/2 L2CQ is showing as valid on the $2.99 price point cans so if you want to get the cheaper ones and then call Customer Service and argue with them, be my guest.....otherwise just get the higher priced cans to begin with.
Also the $5/3 Colgate and the $4/2 Colgate L2CQs work on DIFFERENT types of toothpaste.  What I have pictured are the kinds that work...Totalsf Deep Clean and Totalsf Advanced + Whitening  gel work w/the $5/3L2CQ and Totalsf Advanced Whitening paste works w/the $4/2 L2CQ.

I am pooped with all the shopping this week.
Did any of y'all find some deals this week?



  1. I just brought the sale paper in and found cherries for $1.49 at Aldi's, but nothing else that strikes me. I will have to go over it again. If it is not Macarena's, what is it?

  2. My deals are never like your deals, but Sprouts had a decent double sale day today. All of their collagen and protein powders were 25 percent off. I make Mom peanut butter balls with those so the additional money off is very helpful cause that stuff isn't cheap.

  3. You are so lucky to have a salvage store near you. Those were some great buys. I hope you are feeling better every day.

  4. You are so good at this. I was thinking just this week how I need to get busy stocking up. Winter will be here soon!

  5. Donuts...... Wish I could have been there with you we could have had so much fun.

  6. Right away I am going to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast
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  7. Ok true confessions - I actually love the cheesburger macaroni hamburger helper. It makes a regular appearance at our table with a side of corn or salad. Hubby does too. Who cares, yes it is not scratch cooking but you don't always want to or have time for that - and it tastes bloody good! Kind of like comfort food for me anyway

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