Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Weis Markets Hijinxs

Last week I did well at Weis and because some stuff didn't ring up correctly, I did even better! lol

Everything on the left side of the picture was 50% off on clearance......

* 1 can Campbell's soup .74¢
* 1 bag Uncle Ben's fancy rice mix $1.62
* 2 grape jelly .89¢
* 1 StarKist EVOO tuna $1
* 8 Carolina rice packets .37¢

(I also got a .50¢ Ibotta rebate for the tuna packet.)

The Palmolive dish soap was a Friday only special for $1.49 each plus I had a $1/2 ManQ.
The bottle of marinade was the Friday Freebie(it's laying down next to the tuna).

The Chi-Chi's salsa and chips and the Ben and Jerry's pints below were a clusterfuck situation.......

Ok so there were 2 signs on the end cap by the Chi-Chi's items....Buy 2 Salsas bet a bag of chips free.  I had 2 x .55¢/1 Chi-Chi IPQs(which double to $1.10).
The chips rang up $3, the salsas rang up $3.89 each and the Qs came off.  Not good as the chips should have been free.

Then this variety of ice cream above was on clearance 2 for $4.50 instead of $4.50 each but rang up $3.99(Ben and Jerry's is part of the Mix and Match "Buy 6/Get $3 off Deal" plus they are .51¢ off on sale).

There were no bags of chips that were 12 oz.(the free ones for this deal)and none of the salsas on this endcap were 16 oz.(15.6 oz or something like that).
*I have since solved the mystery here.....the Deal was for a totally different set of salsas in a different part of the store but there were still NO  12 oz. bags of chips in the store to get them free.

The sign on the shelf for the ice cream.  Notice there are more of that variety on clearance in the back of the shelf.

The Customer Service person just kept shaking her head and ended up refunding me $11.28 for the incorrect prices.
Weis has recently done away with their "if it rings up wrong you get it free" policy(it's not a state mandated law)and if something rings up wrong you just get the difference now.

I should have paid $10.08 for these 5 items but was charged $16.56 the first time(counting the Qs coming off)so she should have refunded me $6.48 but she put a $11.28 refund back on my c/c.
I still can't figure this one out but hey! her error is in my favor so no worries.  ;-)

It's always an adventure at Weis(PMITA)Markets, isn't it??

Do you have a store that regularly screws things up and you have to have an eagle eye out at the cash register?



  1. Yes,. I have to watch them at Aldi's with meat and fish products.

  2. I do watch Publix only because occasionally one of their bogo items does not get entered into the computer correctly, and I do have it checked. Also occasionally they have a bogo sign on the shelves that is undated but expired. They have taken it out of the computer but honor the bogo when they go to the shelf to check. Of course they always come back to the register with the sign in hand to trash immediately after the transaction.

  3. Of course. There has to be one store that does not have it together all time.

  4. I watch them too as you never know when they will mess up. You got in on some good deals, way to go!

  5. Kroger all the freaking time! But the free box of wine last weekend made up for some of the overcharges.

    Jen G.

  6. Tops Markets. They are a chain out of Buffalo, NY, but they have several stores here in the Rochester area.

    Ever since I had both knees and my hip replaced, and the husband retired, I let him do ALL the grocery shopping! He actually loves it! (I figure I did it for the first 38 years of our marriage, it's only right he does it now...right? lol)I make up the weekly menu, the grocery list, clip the coupons, look for deals, write it ALL out for him, hand over my debit card and away he goes. I always try for 50% or less. So far so good!

    Anyway, he never watches when they ring up on the register. I go over the receipt with a fine tooth comb when he gets home. Pretty much every time he goes, there is a cashier error. Either they don't ring the coupon thru, or the click to card coupon didn't work or they had the wrong price charged or they rang up too many, etc. I just send him back with the receipt and a note and they usually fix the error. If they give him a hard time, than I go in and kick some every time! lol! Those young chickies in customer service think they are smarter than this old lady...not! lol!

    As a matter of fact, there is a $2.00 error that he will be taking care of on Thursday. I hope they don't give him a hard time! Don't make me put a bra on and go over there! lol!


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