Sunday, July 28, 2019

How to While Away a Sunday

Here at Chez Sluggy is the way we spend a Sunday in July..............

First we make a plan to head to the Restaurant Supply store because A-they released a $5 off $50 purchase Q this weekend and B-they have local green beans finally! for cheap this weekend.

Then we stop at Rite-Aid to pick up a Sunday paper(and the Q inserts)and Hubs gets a phone call from Ex-College Boy while sitting in the car waiting on me to get out of Rite-Aid.
Ex-CB's car blew a tire going down the mountain road to get to work, so we stop by him and Hubs helps him put the donut tire on his car.  We then change cars letting him take Hubs' car to work and we limp home in his car w/said donut on it.

At home we throw the cooler into my car and head back out to the Restaurant Supply store and actually get there this time. lolz

I got lots of produce and use my $5 off Q(and also go over my food budget for July by about $36...sigh)then we head home.

Hubs is now outside working on the monstrous brush pile..........

And I am prepping about 8 lbs. of green beans for blanching.......

I've got more sorting of fabric in my sewing room and then reorganizing the toiletry stash tubs too in there to work on.
Then I'll think about dinner plans around 5 pm(maybe tv dinners to get something else out of the chest freezer so I can shove green beans in).

If anyone needs be I'll be up to my hiney in beans for the next couple hours because these beans aren't going to clean themselves.........



  1. It appears you feel much better. Or, are you setting yourself up for a relapse? I hope the former. That is a lot of beans. They will be delicious over the winter. The month is essentially gone, so you could amortize those over the winter months.

  2. I attempted a Walgreens deal (Whiteclaw hard seltzer - my favorite) for $13.99 with a $12 rebate. First store had neither of the items. Second store had the other option (not Whiteclaw). I try to pay, my credits wouldn't come off due to incorrect zipcode. Check the app, it's the correct zipcode. Pay out of pocket, and the rebate won't print. Have to go back, void transaction, start again. Call rewards line when I get home. On hold for 25 minutes. The system has a zipcode that's not displayed anywhere on anything for my side to update. They manually corrected it. Why is everything so hard at Walgreens?!!!

  3. Was up to my neck in green beans a few weeks ago. Free from my neighbor. Always appreciate those free gifts. Bagged and in the freezer.

  4. snap, snap... go the beans! Enjoy your Sunday!

  5. Indeed that looks quite monstrous. I too liked the beans.

  6. We were doing the same things this weekend minus the blown tire. Fresh green beans are on sale here this week for $.49 a lb. I spent some time this weekend bringing personal care items up to our walk in closet to sort and have them close to our master bathroom. I hope you are feeling much better.

  7. I want pictures of said sewing room please and we have been eating green beans almost everyday. I'm about to turn into a bean.


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