Friday, February 1, 2019

Frugal Friday....The February 1st Edition

Let's see what wins we had this past week on the frugality front.........

*  I found money!

Actually I found 1¢ last Friday and daughter was with me at Weis and found another 1¢, which she gave to me so 2¢ total went into the found change envelope.

*  I didn't get the instant $3 off when I bought 6 of the Mix and Match items at Weis(PMITA)Markets last week(evidently the Daisy sour cream I purchased wasn't coded into the scheme correctly)so I hauled back to Weis with my receipt and the ad to get my money back.....

Now my 6 items after instant refund and coupons used cost me $5.84 instead of the $11.94 with just the sale prices.  That's a difference of  $6.10 which was well worth pursuing in my book!

*  Back in early December of 2018 I sent away for a bunch of freebie samples and Qs.  The first one finally showed up this week in the mail..........

No Qs just a sample of this hair product.  Too bad we never get these good hair coupons in our paper inserts(heck we no longer get the Red Plum/Retail Me Not inserts at all in our area papers!)so I can't/won't be buying this stuff.

I got a follow-up email for the Breathe Right strip freebie I sent for asking me how I liked them.  Umm, well the sample never arrived so well, I can't tell you anything. lolz

*  I haven't been reporting in on my cash back/rebates weekly yet this year so let me give a report on what we earned back for all of January.


($4 of that was from 2018 that was earned after I moved the 2018 earned into my bank account.)

$0.00 (I need $7.50 more to cash out of this but I hardly ever buy anything that qualifies for their rebates.)

So $51.65 earned in cash rebates on stuff I was going to buy anyway going into February 2019.

*  Last Friday I did go to Rite-Aid as I had to roll some Bonus Cash and I had a $5 Kimberley-Clark purchase Catalina expiring too.......

I paired the 30% off Friends and Familys Q(valid on Fri/Sat.)with $2/1 Everpure IPQs and stacked a $1/1 Everpure R-A Q with that(since as I noted above, we don't get the good beauty/cosmetic RetailMeNot Qs)so each tube was $5.59(30% off of reg. retail)+ $3 in Qs off, making each tube $2.59.  I bought over $30 worth(before Qs of $18)so I earned $10 Bonus Cash back.
$33.55-$18Qs=$15.55-$5 Catalina=$10.55 paid for with BC, earned $10 BC back so .55¢ for all 6.

*  I talked about the Target freebie trip already.......

Everything in the photo plus $25+ in drinks paid for with a free gift card.

That's about it for me this week. 
The only other thing is no eating out this past week.
It's too dang cold out to go anywhere much! lolz

What frugal wins did y'all have this week?

It's currently -5F here but going up to a balmy 15F today....woohoo!
Stay warm!!!



  1. I feel your pain about the RMN inserts. We don't get them either.

    I received my RA visa gc today. I'm surprised it arrived so fast. Just thought I'd share since you asked about it in a previous post.

  2. Iobotta 34.85,savingstar30.57,don't do checkout 51 anymore never has anything worth buying


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