Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Working The Pillaging at Rite-Aid!

So this week the scheme at Rite-Aid is "Spend $50 on select items/Get $20 Bonus Cash Back Deal".

I jumped on Coupons dotcom and printed off a bunch of $2/1 Almay and 4 different $2-$3/1 Revlon Qs and then went up to R-A to see how little I could "spend" to get to $50.

Did I mention that Rite-Aid has a bunch of Almay and Revlon at 75% off clearance?!
Dd I also mention that Almay and Revlon cosmetics are part of the "Spend $50/Get $20 BC Deal"??

First off I bought a clearance Revlon and a clearance Almay item to see if the clearance qualified for the "Spend $50/Get $20 BC" Deal.
And by gosh those items did qualify!

So here is all I bought at two different R-A stores.......

First off I had 2 x $1.25/1 Nivea lip balm IPQs.  I only got 2 printed off before it disappeared from Coupons dotcom(and I don't get Nivea Qs anymore in the Sunday paper b/c my paper no longer carries the RetailMeNot inserts *sad face*).  I would have printed off more it I had the chance because it was cheap after sale/Q and I love the Nivea lip stuff.

2 x Nivea lip balm on sale=$4.00
3 x Revlon face make-up on clearance for $3.49 ea.=$10.47
2 x Revlon nail color on clearance for $2.24 ea.=$4.48
4 x Revlon lip crayon on clearance for $2.49 ea.=$9.96
3 x Revlon brow crayon on clearance for $2.49 ea.=$7.47
7 x Almay mascara on clearance for $2.24 ea.=$15.68

Coupons Used
2 x $1.25/1 Nivea lip balm IPQ=$2.50
3 x $3/1 Revlon face item IPQ=$9.00
4 x $2/1 Revlon lip item IPQ=$8.00
3 x $2/1 Revlon brow item IPQ=$6.00
7 x $2/1 Almay any item IPQ=$14.00
Coupon Total.......$39.50 and ALL the IPQs scanned(shocking!).

$52.06-$39.50=$12.56+.74¢ tax=$13.30 OOP paid for with a combination of Bonus Cash & part of 1 of the 2 $20 Prepaid R-A Visa cards I earned back in January so ZERO OOP in real money.
Too bad I didn't have any Revlon nail color Qs as well....I would have "spent" $4 less than I did. ;-)

I earned $20 in Bonus Cash for buying all the stuff in the picture(plus the one mascara that didn't make it into that photo)because it all came to $50+ before coupons used.

Even better.......I also earned $20 in Ibotta cash rebates as the lip/face/brow items, all 10, qualified for a $2 cash back each-10 x $2=$20 back.

This was an awesome score and will all go into the Giveaway Box Pile of Goodies.  8-)

Oh and Valentine's Candy went to 75% off on Sunday too in case anyone was wondering........



  1. A-friggin-mazing! Keeping fingers crossed that my stores have Revlon clearance too. Way to go Sluggy!

  2. My daughter would like to go shopping with you.

  3. So happy you are stocking all the makeup I will need..... okay just a little hint. I would go do this deal but I am still looking for money on the ground.


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