Sunday, October 4, 2015

Shopping.....More Rite-Aid Stuff & Big Lots

Well I went back and returned those 2 items on Friday that didn't give me the $20 in pts. the shelf tag said I was suppose to get.  Incidentally the shelf tags stating you get $10 in pts. for each item were STILL UP on Friday!
Way to go Rite-Aid on the old Bait and Switch Scam!!!

So Friday I learned that with this new Plenti Points scheme Rite-Aid has if you buy something using Plenti points for any part of your purchase(transaction), if you return an item for any reason, Rite-Aid gives you back points up to as many as you used on that purchase(transaction)and then gives you your cash used on whatever amount is left to refund.
So I had used $12 in points on the transaction with the 2 items I ended up returning on Friday so my $14.98 cash refund turned into $12 in points put back on the card and $2.98 in cash(which I opted to have credit put back on the gift card that was used for that transaction).
Realize that this is a change from the +Up Rewards system where you got cash/credit, NOT a return of +Up Rewards.
While this makes sense and I had used a gc so whether I have a return in points or back on the gc it doesn't matter.  But if you are expecting cash back for a return you will be sorely disappointed.

After picking up my rx refills I then bought this stuff.....

I won't do a detailed breakdown since this Deal is over now.
SubTotal was $18.94
Coupons brought it down to $7.96, using $4 in points brought it down again to $3.96 on the gift card plus I'll get $2 in cash rebates from Saving Star and $4 in Plenti points back on this Plenti/Wellness card so this deal "cost" me $1.96 OOP.

There will be no Rite-Aid shopping this week other than I may pick up a jug of Persil laundry detergent at Rite-Aid this week as it's on sale for $3.99 and there is a $2/1 Manu Q(plus one at coupons dotcom online to print), making this $1.99 a jug.  If you like this brand or want to try it out for cheap, this week head to Rite-Aid for one.

But the plan the Week of 10/11 is to head back in for the free Arizona Iced Tea Deal.........

4 cans of tea beverages for free after points, so if you have $2 in points already on your card you can get this for nothing OOP.  I just wish they carried an unsweetened version at my store. sigh

Then on Saturday while Hubs and I were out we stopped into Big Lots as I wanted to pick up a jar of minced garlic as I am almost out.  Ollie's didn't have any(where I usually buy it)last trip there and Weis(PMITA)Markets wants almost $5 a jar(hahaha!)but I remembered Big Lots carried it among their food selection.
So we go into the store and I see 20% Friends & Family signs are up.
Could this be a happy accident, stumbling into the 3 or 4 times yearly Big Lots 20% off sale??
Why yes, yes it could! 8-)

So the "just stopping in for a jar of garlic" turned into a "what are we running low on, let's stock up if it's a good deal 20% off" trip.

Food items--minced garlic(they only had little jars so I got 3), some tuna, water chestnuts, creamed corn, tomato paste, applesauce cups for Hubs' lunches, spaghettio's w/balls and peace tea cans for College Boy.  Also Q-tips for CB.
There were more items(snacking type foods for CB which I am sending him in a care packages)but I can't post photos of those at it's a surprise.  ;-)
Altogether I spent $22.00 including tax on the food and toiletries I bought.

We also picked up a calendar for the kitchen for $4.  Hubs usually buys me a calendar for Christmas and it's never something I like (you would think he would know me after 35 years!lol)so I told him buy one now and don't over pay like he does at the mall kiosk during the Holidays.  Yes, I am frugal.
I also got 2 bath scrubby brushes for $2 each after discount.
Dollar Tree use to carry good brushes for $1 but the handles got thin and they break(ask me how I know!)so these are awesome at $2.

And then I did something I don't do much anymore, I spent frivolously. 
I wandered into the Christmas section and saw these......

And I had to buy them! lolz

But that's ok, because they are so cool and bring me joy for the low price of $30.52.
Who knew joy could come so cheaply?   ;-)

The 20% Sale at Big Lots continues today so go on and get what you need.  This is probably the last Friends & Family Sale day there until after Christmas.



  1. I found an unused leg lamp in the box, 12 or so inches high, for $1. I forgot where I bought the leg lamp string of lights, reduced, I think. They had to be much cheaper to make me happy! They must have been on deep discount after Christmas.

    Big Lots is on my list of places to go today or tomorrow.

  2. I want a leg lamp so damn bad!!!!!! Its a dream I have.
    CVS bites right now. The only thing that I have gotten lately is hair color because it loads to my saving star easier than trying to submit it.

  3. I am so glad you dropped a few bucks on something to bring you nothing but joy. Now I have got to run to Big Lots and see if they have any at my store. Well either leg lamp lights or monkeys wearing a fez lights. Both would give me extreme joy!


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