Thursday, October 15, 2015

Grocery Shopping This Week

I went up to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Wednesday for a few deals.
I also needed lemon juice and had run out(the horrors!)so I actually paid FULL RETAIL PRICE for that!

1 x lemon juice=$2.29
2 x frozen ravioli BOGO sale and I had a $1/2 IPQ so 2 bags for $1.29 total.
6 x boxed mac and cheese on sale and $3 wyb $12 Deal, with $4 in IPQs made these .50¢ total.
6 x boxes Scottie tissues on sale(4 were .88¢/2 were $1) and I had 2 x $1/3 IPQs made these $3.52 total.
4 x assorted yogurt packs on sale($3.33 ea. Greek, $2 non-Greek type)and $3 wyb $15 Deal with $4 in ManuQ&IPQs made these $4.99 for all.

Total after sales and coupons $12.59 OOP.
Reg. retail for all of $42.01
Savings rate of 70%

I went back Wednesday and bought more mac & cheese and found an unexpected chicken breast deal.......

The 7 boxes were $8 after sale, $5 after $3 instant discount and after $4 in coupons I paid $1 OOP for all 7.
Then they had BOGO packages of chicken breast with $3 instant discount stickers on each package.  My most expensive package was $19.22 so both were that price minus $6 in sticker discounts for a total of $13.22 OOP.  Just about 6.5lbs. of chicken so this came to just over $2 lb.
I'll repack these into meal portions and shove into the freezer.

Another $50.96 worth of food for $14.22 OOP.
A savings of 72% over buying at regular retail price.

I wanted to pick up 6 more bags of Mama Rosie ravioli but they were out of stock.  I got a rain check so I can pick these up when they are back on the shelves for .65¢ a pack with the BOGO sale and my $1/2 IPQs.

The plan for the boxed mac and cheese was for a food bank donation.  If I keep it College Boy might eat it(Hubs and I don't eat this).  It was practically FREE after Qs and the Deal, so I just had to buy it.
Since it's organic/healthier I wouldn't feel bad about donating this.

There will be no more food/toiletries shopping this week.

I am at $47.02 for food spending for the week, $141.88 spending for the month of October.




  1. Great finds!!!!
    Bone in chicken breasts are $.99. You may be processing chicken when you get here. LOL

  2. I wince when I must pay full price for anything! So many people feed their children macncheese, whether they go to food banks or not that I would not feel too guilty about donating it. My friend with 6 children actually puts other things into the mac n cheese. That way, the meat goes further and the children eat vegetables. The children have full stomachs. I love Krafts, but I don't have to eat it for filling me up, but about every six months or so, I indulge.

  3. trust me the food bank will love anything you give them.

  4. Super deals! I am glad all the incredible sales here are over. I can't afford more good deals for a couple of weeks.

  5. Great finds! The macaroni and cheese was a fantastic deal and I'm sure the food bank will be thrilled.

  6. Can I ask a couponing question please? We will be visiting the USA next year and shopping, just a little, for things that we like to buy when we are stateside. If I print out coupons from my computer this side of the pond, so long as they are USA coupons and in date will I be able to use them when I shop. I am particularly thinking of toiletries in Walmart, Walgrens, Target.

    1. General answer is yes, as long as they are in date. Some stores still don't accept printed at home on your computer coupons but this is rare now, varies from region to region and is limited mostly to small independent stores rather than large chains like the Mart, Wags and Target.
      If you are visiting somewhere where you have friends or family located be sure to also email companies and ask for coupons directly in the mail and tell them the stateside address of your friend/family member as your mailing address. Many companies will send really nice couponage(even freebies)in the mail to people who write either complimenting, offering suggestions or letting the companies know of failures of their products. Better than shopping with coupons in the states and getting some money off would be to go in armed with a fist full of freebies, right? ;-)
      You'll have to report back when your trip is over on what deals you found!


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