Monday, October 26, 2015

Grocery Spending Last Week

Well we were on vacation last week but I still managed to buy groceries. lolz

A week ago Sunday Sonya Ann took me to Jewel-Osco Markets so I could buy a few things that we mostly ate while on vacation.  I could technically put this spending under the Vacation Budget but I went ahead and filed them under the Food Budget.

No photo but here's what I got....

2 large containers of unsweetened Iced Tea(on sale for $2.00 ea.)as I can't LIVE without my iced tea
1 jar of pickles for $2.50
Another jar of pickles for $2
1 box of crackers for $2.50
1 bag of chips for $2
2 large G2 Gatorades for $1.50 each
1 Ghirardelli chocolate bar for $2(which I left behind at Sonya's house). 
TOTAL OOP.....$18.61 with tax.

Then before we got home Friday night, we stopped at the Surplus Outlet, since we were driving right by it and got a few more food deals.........

3 x Jif cornbread mix....3/$1.00
2 x Velveeta ready meals for CB.....2/$2.78
1 x box of spaghetti......59¢
2 x cans pumpkin....2/.$1.78
3 x jars of spaghetti sauce....3/$2.97
1 x dozen eggs....$1.69 *not pictured
1 x gallon vinegar....$2.19
2.54lbs. onions.....$.99(.39¢ lb.)
1 x Contessa bagged frozen dinner....$3.59 *not pictured
1 x 8 lb. bag of breaded Chicken cutlets....$9.99 *not pictured
2 x candy bars.....2/$1.00 *not pictured
TOTAL OOP.....$28.57 no tax

We were out of white vinegar and chicken cutlets and the rest were good deals.

Total spending last week on food budget $47.18.
I've got a bit more shopping to do this week and then I can close out the books on October and post this month's outcome.



  1. You are a fantastic shopper, much better than I am. I try to use you as an inspiration, but I generally fall short.

  2. I can't quite put my finger on the reason but your posts always leave me hungry!?

  3. Shop with me next time. I will gladly let you leave a candy bar behind at my house.

  4. Come back and get your candy bar and then cook for me. I will take you to goodwill in exchange. Sounds fair, right? So when is your next trip out?


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