Friday, October 30, 2015

2015 Garden Harvest Total

Well I spend a good chunk of this week picking, washing, cutting, processing and freezing Collard Greens.
And I am so happy to say that I am finally DONE! lolz

This gardening thing is a lotta work but I gladly do it so we eat well, not to mention cheaply. ;-)

I weighed everything I grew this year and my Grand Total for this season was 23.88 pounds of food from my garden.
Most of that total was yellow squash and collards.  The green beans were mostly a bust this season and the deer liked my tomatoes a little too much unfortunately.  The Japanese Beetles liked my collards but they don't eat nearly as much as the deer. lolz

This year wasn't nearly what my garden produced in 2010.  That was my best year at just shy of 94 pounds of food grown.
But we had a few glitched this chipmunks eating our seedlings(and planted seeds), the rabbits, the deer, not growing nearly as many foods as in years past, etc.

I am happy with how things turned anyway.
And now we just had to chop up the plants, turn the soil and cover with some mulched leaves and grass and wait for Mother Nature to do her thang over the Winter.

Did you grow a garden this season?
How did you do?



  1. spouse's totals:

    758 - 1 cherry (grape) tomato plant

    99 - 1 regular tomato plant

    22 - 3 pepper plants

    31 - 1 cucumber plant

  2. The garden started with an almost bang and ended with a whimper. With Dad's quick downhill spiral and death, I figured out very quickly this year gardening did not matter at all. I am getting things ready for winter and will begin again in the late winter.

  3. This was the year of the mater in my house, about 20-30lbs of tomatoes off of two small plants (I don't have a proper garden, just growing boxes. Also grew some chives, cilantro and rosemary. The chives and rosemary will stay over winter as it does not get too cold here for it to last. I am trying to figure out what high ticket item that we eat other than tomatoes would be good to grow next year. Things like onions potatoes and carrots are really cheap here so not going to bother taking up space with those. Maybe peas and cucumbers. We are not really squash eaters but I might just sneak one of those in to change up our diet a bit.

  4. The only food in our garden is some green onions. Hubby planted the roots from some he bought, so now when he needs green onion he goes and snips some. Since we sometimes never have a freeze here he may have green onions all year round.

    I was really happy to hear from my sister that they planted my dad a patch of mixed greens and apparently it is quite productive. They will be putting up greens for a while.


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