Sunday, October 25, 2015

No One is Safe From Crazies!

Eldest son called tonight to tell us the school where he teaches is trending on CNN.
The reason?
Authorities thwarted a student's mass murder plot planned to be carried out at the school.

Go HERE to read about it.




  1. I was glad my children were out of high school because of violence. Then, they became teachers. The son is in a high school, so I still worried, thankful the daughter was a first-grade teacher. Then, Newtown happened. It is all so scary. Yikes is right for you! Whatever happened to just throwing a rock through the window?

  2. eeeeeek! yep, the crazies are out there, they breed, and they might live next door to you.

  3. Oh wow! Makes me not want mine to go to college for this reason, which I know is unrealistic.

  4. That sucks - a teacher friend here had an incident at their elementary school in the Spring. Threats called in of shooter with gun. They did total lockdown (kids had left 1 hr before, only teachers left in school for meetings) and then it took 1.5 hrs for teachers to clear entire building. Was a hoax fortunately but totally frightening. Lots of sickos in this world unfortunately

  5. That is scary!!!! It never ends, does it? It may be a good thing that Anna is working at a second hand store and not as a teacher. Will we ever stop worrying about our kids?

  6. OMG! So glad they caught those kids before anything happened! Wow!

  7. This is so scary. It is sad that schools have to be the scary places now.


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