Saturday, October 17, 2015

September To-Do List....Update

Since we are already more than halfway through October, it's about time we take a look at the old To-Do List for September and see how I did, shall we?


* Pay Bills 
Done and everything paid on time or early
* Ride Bike ? Miles
Fail  I got 2 miles done before my foot went kaput the beginning of Sept.
* Use Hand Weights 5 days
Fail  Nope, didn't happen
* Finish sewing nightgown
Done  Yep, got it finally finished....a flannel gown just in time for the cold weather.
* Finish sewing 2 pair of PJ pants
Done  Yep, finished 4 pair actually except for the elastic in the wait which I need to person who I made these for here to measure for that
* Cut out 2 Tops and Sew Them
Fail  Nope, didn't do any of that
* Go to Dentist
Done  Dental check-up and cleaning, no cavities
* Go to Physical Therapy
Done  7 visits and they released me.  Waiting on the bills to come in...oh joy.....
* Write a letter
Fail  I first had to get in touch with the letter recipent's daughter on FB and find out if she has moved/new address since I last saw her.  She doesn't "do" social media/computers.  Now have the addy and can send the letter.....after I write it, that is. lolz
* Buy a new Vacuum
Done  Got it, used, and paid the bill already.  This machines sucks bigtime!(in a good way)
* Pick up Daughter at Airport
Done  Actually Hubs did this since I was bedridden that day.
* Take Daughter back to Airport
Done  Actually Hubs did this too since I was still having to stay off the foot.
* Plan/Book October trip
Done  And the drinking has commenced...... ;-)
* Go to Family Reunion
Done  Got the Eldest son to go too.  It rained all that day but we had a good time anyway.

Got most of it done, medical issue kept some health things from happening.  Other than the foot it was a relatively productive month.

Now it's onward to planning October's list, well, for the little that's left of October. lolz
Actually it's time to start in on the November list so I just may skip over October.

I am so behind the eight ball this month.....



  1. I think you deserve a round of applause. I am exhausted just reading this. Shouldn't "Have Long Lay Down" be somewhere here?

  2. I love the update in the middle of the month. It gives me home that I am not too far from the norm!


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