Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Grocery Shopping This Week & I am Finished

Well since Hubs went out on Sunday for a new computer mouse and was going right by the store,  I had him go back into Big Lots while that 20% off sale was going on to get 3 more jars of minced garlic, 4 more cans of tuna and 4 more cans of Spaghettio's for College Boy.

Another $8.76 spent on the food budget.

On Monday I made my grocery store rounds after PT where I picked up the items I had planned plus a few other items....

I bought 3 boxes of pasta at .67¢ each, used $1.25 in Qs and paid .76¢ for all.
I bought 4 cans of evaporated milk at $1.50 each, used $2 in Qs and paid $4 for all.
I bought 3 jars of Prego spaghetti sauce at $3/$5, used $1 in Qs and paid $4 for all.
I bought 6 large cans of Hunt's tomato products at B1 for $2.19/Get 2 more Free so they came to .73¢ per can.(They were the good 'no salt added' varieties too!)
I bought 7 cans of Homestyle soups at $1.66 each, used $3 in Qs and paid $8.65 for all.

I also found a 2lb. bag of flounder fillets 25% off($8.24)so I had to purchase that.  $4.12 a lb. for flounder?  Yes, please!
I also bought a 1lb. bag of baby carrots for $1(sale price and not pictured).
All this cost me $31.05 after sales/Qs for a savings of 28.40 or 47% off of reg. retail price.

I also submitted my receipt to Checkout 51 and have already received a .75¢ rebate into my account-.25¢ for buying the carrots and .50¢ for buying 2 cans of evaporated milk.
All those Homestlye soup cans qualify toward a $5 SavingStar rebate as well once I have spent $15 on select Campbell's items.  Only $3.31 left to spend to earn that $5 back.

Then I ran into the local Shurfine Market and bought this.......

I bought 2 cans of Furmano tomato puree(Weis was out of the Hunt's puree).  These were .88¢ per can so not as good as the Weis cans but still a good value.
I found 2 cans of Beefaroni in the clearance bin for .75¢ each.
I bought 2 containers of cottage cheese for the crockpot lasagna I made Monday night(so not pictured)on sale for $2 each.
I bought a head of romaine lettuce(again used on Monday so not pictured)on sale for $1.49lb.
A bunch of celery for $1.49(reg. price)and 3 bags of salty snacks(those were half price)rounded out this shop and brought my total OOP here to $16.09.
42.41% savings over reg. retail price and no coupons used.

I am now up to $77.90 spent on my October food budget and I am finished grocery procurement for the week.
I am still loving the price on that flounder I got..... ;-)




  1. In these parts, I can't get Prego or noodles anywhere that cheap. Noodles at $.89 is a find and Prego fluctuates but $2 a jar is really low.

  2. It has been years since I have gotten evaporated milk so cheaply. I only use a few cans a year, so that four cans would be a year supply.

  3. I spent a ton today, but did some major stocking up. The Pig has leg quarters for 39 cents per pound, sold in 10 lb. packs, so I bought 3 of them. I will probably go back this weekend and get 3 more, since I am cooking the last 10 pounds right now and will bone and freeze meal size packages tonight. I see a lot of chicken casseroles in our future.


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