Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One of Those Weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks?
You know.....the ones were you have too much to do and when you get one thing done THREE MORE things pop up that you have to take care of?

That's how my week is going.
Today I had 6 items on my To-Do TODAY list.
Then it turned into 8 items on the list.
And as of 4pm I have only gotten to 4 of them.
And one of those 4 things was to post something on the blog, and THIS is the sorry excuse for a post, so really I have only accomplished 3 things on the list.

And then I got the mail and there's another car insurance bill in it(ALREADY AGAIN!?!?....didn't I just pay that?!).
Along with that came a notice from College Boy's school about the school going to a FIT(freeze individualized tuition)per-credit model Fall of 2016.  So his tuition will increase another 3% for his junior year and then they are freezing the rate we pay until he gets his degree.  AND we get the grand honor of also paying a "Freeze Fee" every year.  In the end, we'll end up paying more on a per-credit basis system even though they are freezing the rate until he graduates as opposed to just paying per term like we do now(no matter how many credits he earns per term)WITH the projected annual tuition hike.
Of course this freeze only applies to tuition and not the exorbitant amount they rake us over the coals each year in room and board charges. 
That will continue to go up yearly.
Gee?  Maybe I should do a happy dance??

As someone I know well(you know who you are!) likes to remark in situations like this, "Those Fuckers!"

So with that and my crappy less than pleasant state of mind at the moment, I am off to wield a very sharp knife and make an apple pie.
Then I get to go back to the drugstore and will try NOT to mow down anybody. 8-P



  1. ROFL! Now do your best Sluggy, not to mow anyone down. lol

  2. If the apple whacking does not calm you down, just whack a few more vegetables before going out on the road and into a building with many people.

  3. Sounds like you had a day from hell. I know I was stupid enough to think as I got older, life would be easier. HA! Hoping tomorrow will be better for you.
    Kathi from Florida

  4. Just a wild guess here, but is it Sonya Ann? Keep your chin up and drink if you need to lol.

    1. Bahahahaha, snort.
      Why ever would you think of me?

  5. Meh. Be thankful he's in college. I just checked my h.s. freshman son's grades online (our district let's you do that.) Let's just say that at this rate, I would consider college paying tuition a privilege!

  6. Sorry about your day but I am right there with you. Too much to do, not enough me to do it. I want a wife!

  7. I just love you, you say just what I am thinking.

  8. Whoever says "those fuckers" should be strung up? Or perhaps bought a drink?

  9. At least maybe College Boy will graduate someday, right?


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