Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2015 Road Trip Day 5-6 AR to LA & Beyond.....

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On Day 5 we left Little Rock and headed West across Arkansas, before dropping South into The NW corner of Louisiana.

We passed lot of a billboards for this place, supposedly a massive country buffet type restaurant.
We passed it well before lunch time came so didn't get to experience it.

But we did have a plan to stop at this place for lunch in Arkadelphia............

Hubs got a fried catfish sammich with slaw..........

I got a pork tenderloin sammich with a salad.  Sammiches are made with white bread, pickles and packets of mayo and mustard on the side.

It was hot and fresh.
They also had an extensive list of fried pies so I had to!

Mmmm, as the bag says, "peach".
The look on my face should say it all......

Lot of country and tacky tchotchke d├ęcor but the food was good and the prices reasonable.

Nobody leaves hungry at Fat Boys.

We were back in the car and heading further west into Texarkana.
There are two Texarkanas actually.
One half of the town is in Arkansas, the other half in Texas.

The town is bisected by State St. and the Courthouse, Federal Building, Post Office building was constructed in the center of the road so that if you stand on the South side of the building you can stand in two states at one time by straddling the state line.
There is a sign there for photo-ops.

Hubs takes his turn in front of the sign.

Across the street from the Federal building is a bar decorated with Texas football symbols/sayings on one side and Arkansas football stuff on the other side.

A bit more driving west and we swung South and down into Louisiana.......

Got to Shreveport, checked into our hotel, rested a bit and then headed back out to our Daughter's house.

We took her out to a local Italian restaurant her boyfriend's mother recommended.
I had already blown my diet with a fried pie so how much more worse could it be to have a cannoli too? lolz

The Daughter having a coffee after dinner.

The Daughter and Hubs.

The next day, on Friday, we had a mission.
The previous week this had happened to Daughter's car........

*Notice the SEE ROCK CITY license plate*

Daughter worked for a business that was open 24/7 so often had to drive there or back in the wee hours of the night/morning.  They had been experiencing bad weather all Spring in Louisiana.....driving rains, winds, storms.
Daughter was on her way to work in the wee hours, down a country road with no lighting right at the tail end of a horrendous storm.  She came over a rise and bend in the road and a tree limb was across the road.  She slammed on her brakes which snapped a brake cable and she went sliding into the tree limb and obviously from the photo you can see the tree limb won.

Daughter came out of this much better than the car thankfully.
But now she needed a new car to get to work and back.
So our first full day in LA was spent accompanying her car shopping.
Fun, fun.....

We went to see the Giant Rat(or is it a Hamster?)first......

She loved this little new car but everyone deemed it too small, especially if she had anymore fights with tree limbs......

We ended up at a Toyota dealership down the road next and we found this used(a lease turn-in) Honda........

She drove it around, we discussed, we huddled with the salesman and went over the numbers and Daughter bought the car.  She picked it up the next morning............

A sturdy, safer car with low miles that she can afford.
The rest of the day was all about eating and shopping.
First off Daughter took us to the Twister Root Burger Co.

It's a fun place where they serve burgers.  You can get your typical beef burger or a more exotic meat burger.  Daughter and I chose a half duck/half elk burger.

They have a self-serve pickle bar with varieties of pickles you can scarf down.

When you pay you get a ticket and they call your ticket when your burgers are ready.
Of course, here is the ticket we got......

"Coming Mother....."

The beverages were self-serve.
The label on the tea container of the right should read "Sweet Tea".

The wall/ceiling behind the bar in there was covered in guitars....

But the BEST part was the chalkboard walls in the ladies' room.
Someone had written a bunch of Chuck Norris-isms......

We hung out at the hotel in the afternoon and went swimming in the pool there, did some imbibing and chatting too and then went out for dinner at a place nearby......

Sam's is a local eatery using local seasonal ingredients and homemade sides. Daughter & I split my order of shrimp and her order of fried catfish....the fry the whole fish.

 Shrimp as big as your hand, Jumbo Shrimp-the oxymoronic phrase. lolz

A little more yakking and Daughter left for home and we turned in for the night.
Thus ended Day 6 of the 2015 Louisiana Road Trip.



  1. I am so happy your daughter was not hurt how scary. Right now I want to hurt my daughter......:)

  2. I'm glad your daughter is ok too! Wow!
    And I love the sign about unattended children. That would be enough for me to invest in a child harness...

  3. I'm glad your daughter didn't get hurt in the wreck. She made a good choice with the Honda.

  4. We all had our stomachs drop out here, looking at the car. Very glad she is fine.

    I love these travelogues. Keep 'em coming.

  5. You are going to frighten people or make them think we are a bit crazy in the South when you say they fry the whole fish. The head and guts are gone but the tail fin remains. Yes, I know you know that! I like the crunchy tail. Eating a whole fish leaves the eater to fish out the bones. From the time I was four, I was expected to find bones in my fish and NOT choke on them. Being the oldest child is fraught with danger.

  6. Sluggy! Do you ever stay home? LOL. I haven't been reading too many blogs lately, but decided to check up on you and .....you are gone again! :)
    Glad everything worked out for your daughter!


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