Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Weis Quickie Yesterday

The sales ad was ending tonight so I made a quick trip to Weis to get 2 more whole chickens for .87¢ lb. as we never see a price that low on fresh whole chickens.
While there I picked up a few other things--more Jiffy mix, spaghetti sauce, bakery bread, a discounted meat and a cuke.  Everything I bought was at least on sale........

2 x whole Chickens=$9.67
2 x FR spaghetti sauce=$1.94
2 x Jif cornbread mix=$1.20
1 x cucumber=$1.00
1 x sourdough bread 50% off=$1.69
1.27 lb. 85% ground beef w/$3 discount sticker=$4.23
Sub Total..........$19.73

I have 2 Weis Qs to use---
.25¢/1 cuke=.25¢
.75¢/1lb. ground beef=.75¢(beef came out to $2.74 lb. after all the discounts)

$1.00 total in Qs brought my total down to $18.73
(There was no tax on anything I bought.)

I used that free $10 Weis gift card I received for that disaster transaction/cashier event earlier in the month so I paid $8.73 OOP for all this.

$38.44 worth of regular retail items.
Saved $19.71 for a 51% savings rate............

But since the gift card was FREE I saved $29.71on this order, or a savings rate of 77.29%!  8-)

New sales ad starts today at Weis so what's on my list to Buy this week, you ask?

Definitely cottage cheese(Weis brand)at $1.99 a container, 1 box of San Giorgio pasta for .67¢(as I have a .25¢ Weis Q to use for it making the price .42¢), perhaps some Hunt's tomato products if the Buy One, Get Two Free sale makes them a low price(and if I can find some Qs for them mores the better!)and a container of Half & Half for $1.99.
That's what is planned but you never know what kind of meat/produce/bakery specials will turn up when I am at the store that will loosen my grip on the wallet.  ;-)


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