Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Meal Plan-Last Week Post Mortem & Moving Forward

Last Week's meal plan went as, well..... planned!, until we got to Friday and Saturday.  Friday turned into Rigatoni with homemade mushroom and meat sauce and a Spinach/Green Leaf Lettuce & Carrot Salad.  Hubs had blue cheese dressing I had a mix of my LS Greek dressing with some additional vinegar.
I have no CLUE what we had on Saturday but for me at least, it was low sodium and made at home.   Really, it's hell getting old and loosing your mind.....
And on Wednesday I had a turkey sandwich for dinner.

Here's last week's plan.....
Sunday, I adapted my Lena's Lemon Chicken recipe so I could eat it.  Instead of using half the "cheap" Lemon Pepper seasoning(that's mostly SALT  lol), and half the salt-free Lemon Pepper seasoning, I just used the salt-free variety.  I use to half and half it because we like some salt and the salt-free variety is insanely expensive, and it calls for a large amount for the recipe.  All thee other ingredients are aok to have--chicken, brown rice(not salted when cooking), onions, zucchini, olive oil, garlic, diced tomatoes and tomato paste.

Monday, I made Macaroni Salad(minus the salt)and really loaded it up with carrots, celery, onions, 3 colors of peppers and black olives.  It was more a Veggie Salad really. lol
We had hamburgers(they had cheese, I didn't).  I had one of my half turkey/half beef burgers.  We also had a mélange of steamed corn, broccoli and carrots.

Tuesday, only Hubs and I were home for dinner.  He had a Chicken Enchilada.  I made 8 Enchiladas last week, without salt or refried beans and using my made from scratch enchilada sauce(salt-free).
I froze half of them for easy dinners with the container of leftover sauce in the fridge.  Hubs also ate leftover Macaroni Salad.
I didn't feel like a heavy meal so I just had apple slices dipped in my peanut butter.

Wednesday, tonight will be Italian Sausage, Onion and Peppers Sandwiches. I can't have the sausage so I'll figure something else out later today.  I have baby Portabella mushrooms here I have to use, so I'll think up something using those.  Maybe a bowl of fresh mushroom soup?

Thursday, we'll have Chicken Fajitas. Peppers, onions, mushrooms and chicken.  I'll make my own seasoning since Chili Powder is full of salt.  And cheese for the family but not on my fajita. 

Friday, Fish, Lena's Cabbage Salad, Yellow Squash Sauté.

Saturday, Either Leftovers or Pasta with meat sauce and a large Salad containing lettuce, carrots, celery, peppers, grape tomatoes, red cabbage and spinach. The sauce will be made from scratch and have half and half ground turkey or chicken and ground beef. I'll use my low salt dressing or olive oil and vinegar.

Here is what this week is looking like.......

Sunday, we grilled steak and summer squash outside.  I made baked potatoes as well.  No salt on the steak, a little Mrs. Dash's and some sour cream on the potato, no butter.  The squash got a splash of EVOO.

Monday, this night I roasted a whole chicken with carrots, onions & potatoes. No salt on the bird, but a heavy sprinkling of Mrs. Dash's and paprika.  There was enough leftover for chicken sandwiches, for me, for lunch, as well as stock(after boiling the carcass and adding that to the drippings from the roasting)to make Clam Chowder later this week.

Tuesday, this night was leftovers, as we have a fridge bursting with them!  Hubs & I had Rigatoni....well, he had a big helping, I had about a cup+ (about 12 noodles) and a big dish of watermelon.

Wednesday, I'll be trying out a homemade LS Sloppy Joe Sauce recipe over browned ground turkey on buns.  I have enough summer squash leftover to sauté that with onions for a side dish.

Thursday, another Leftover Night.  Gotta clear the fridge out....

Friday, we have #2 Son's private music teacher's student recital, so we may have leftovers when we get home or grab a 6" sub at Subway on the way.

Saturday, I'll make the Chowder.  Depending on interest I may also make a big salad with lots of veggie stuff in it.  Or if there are veggie leftovers still in the fridge those will be out on the dinner table.

What good stuff are you eating this week?



  1. I think I'll just be having Italian sausage stirfry and vegetables. Yeah, very very boring, but easy and filling. I need to find more recipes for the coming weeks, as I'm getting way too lazy on the cooking dept.

  2. YUM... NEVER that good of food in my house...

  3. I have been working on a turkey and two hens I baked. Some of the turkey breast was frozen. All the thighs/legs/wings were sent home with exbf, frozen and some not frozen. Sandwiches, with vegetables, this works for me.

    When I was about 40 I just gave up salt, most fats, all bread. I just felt everything was too salty. When I was about 11, I started hating salt on tomatoes, watermelon, and apples. The rest of the family continued. After awhile, you and the rest of the family will think less salt is the norm for taste. I just ate a store chicken salad (long story)and it was too salty because my turkey and hens were seasoned with the Holy Trinity--onions, bell pepper, celery.


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