Thursday, May 16, 2013

So Many Wonderful Things to be Besides a Princess!

This is a wonderful idea!

Go read it HERE.

There are so many better things to dream of being sides a Disney princess waiting for her prince.  Let's give girls some REAL role models to contemplate!

This got me thinking about all the famous or infamous woman in history I would have liked to have met.

Here's part of my list---

Alice Neel-American painter
Pearl S. Buck-writer and humanitarian
Madame du Barry-French courtesan
Florence Lowe "Pancho" Barnes-aviation pioneer
Georgia O'Keefe-American painter
Cleopatra-Queen of Egypt
Pearl White-film pioneer/actress
Dorothy Vogel-art collector and patron
Sally Tompkins-the angel of the Confederacy
Ayn Rand-writer, philosopher
Phoebe Ann Moses "Annie Oakley"-sharpshooter
Emily Warren Roebling-chief bridge engineer
Queen Victoria of England
Pearl S. White-
Queen Elizabeth I of England
Catherine the Great of Russia
Eleanor of Aquitaine
Nancy Ward "Nanye-Hiwas"-Cherokee leader
Edith Piaf-chanteuse
Sappho-Greek poet
Sacajawea-Cherokee guide
Martha Jane Canary "Calamity Jane"-frontierswoman
Maria Callas-singer
Lucretia Mott-women's rights activist
Elizabeth Cady Stanton-ditto
Mata Hari-spy
Eleanor and Virginia Dare-mother/daughter The Lost Colony
Grace Hopper-1st Navy Admiral & computer pioneer
Margaret Sanger-Planned Parenthood founder
Varina Banks Howell Davis-writer, diplomat, 1st Lady of the Confederacy
Mae West-entertainer
Hetty Green 'the witch of Wall Street'-financial genius
Doris Duke-heiress & recluse
Zelda Fitzgerald-crazy flapper wife of F. Scott
Nellie Bly-journalist
Abigail Adams-1st Lady and 1st Mother
Hattie McDaniels-actress
Marian Anderson-operatic singer/human rights activist
Margaret Bourke-White--photo journalist
Phoebe Yates Levy Pember-nurse and hospital administrator

I kinda would have liked to have met Lucretia Borgia also.....though NOT at a wine tasting party.

If you had a Time Machine, which women from History would you like to meet?




  1. Joan of Arc, heh. I think princesses can be admired, but not as much or solely, compared to other great women.

  2. Aphra Behn- the first woman to support herself by writing. She wrote in the approximate time and style of Shakespeare. I read (not an assignment) one of her works, Bacon in Virginia. Her line about falling on his sword was so erotic. This had no footnotes like Shakespeare's works did, so it was a challenge. However, there is lots to get from the story of women's power. Try it; you'll like it.

    I have a princess book I want to write that you would all approve of.


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