Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Busy day here today.
We did our Memorial Day cook-out yesterday.  Today was all about working on projects both big and small around the house.

First I finished cleaning off the sofa and chair in the den and putting everything into the bookcase.....
Look!  I can even close the doors on some shelves......

Ignore that man behind the curtain that pile of crap still sitting on the ceramic garden seat next to the bookcase....

Then it was off to run furniture window shopping.....

Running to the beer distributor to stock Hubs up on liquid refreshments for the beginning of summer, to the garden nursery for plants and finishing the trip off with a late lunch at Bob Evans with a BOGO entrée coupon.....go me! ;-)

Then home to prepare the garden beds and do a little more yard maintenance and voila! We are ready to plant.....

Now it's time to chillax with drinks......

And a crabby summer snack gotten for half-price at the bakery.....go me again!

Tomorrow if the weather holds up I'll make a trip to a local cemetery and give some thanks & rememberance to the veterans I find there.

So what are you up to today?



  1. Making strawberry shortcake my way. The post and recipe will be up later.

  2. Hahaha. Smirnoff was what my friends offered me when I told them I didn't drink. I didn't know any better! You can't taste the alcohol at all, but it is tasty. Glad you had a nice busy weekend! Love the crabby cake. Can't go wrong with half price sweets.

  3. You all are so industrious! We were much less industrious. We went and gave Kroger $19 then out to eat a local restaurant. Back home for some binge watching of Borgia on Netflix while I shucked some corn for the freezer.


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