Friday, May 24, 2013

A Frugal Splurge

Frugal and Splurge are two words you don't normally see used together but today I am gonna use 'em.

I mentioned having spent money on a designer purse earlier this week while out in western PA to see my son graduate.

I was good all weekend, except for the motel room, gas costs to go out there, food, alcohol and buying a celebratory dinner for 11 people.....and then my long latent impulsive demon kicked in.
It kicked in at breakfast on Sunday morning.

But I am blaming my son's girlfriend.
It's all her fault!

She just had to bring her designer purse to breakfast.
And I just happened to notice the awesome fabric it was made from......

It's no secret that my absolute favorite colors are any shade/tint of purple and most shades/tints of green.
Loved this fabric!!

She said it was a Vera Bradley purse.
Now anybody who knows me knows I am not a slave to labels, brands and designers.
I had no clue it was a designer bag and I really don't care that it is.
I just knew I wanted a purse made of the same fabric as this particular one.
But I am frugal at my core so I was going to settle for just admiring her purse.

And then she said those little words I love......I got it on sale at the Vera B. outlet in Grove City.
I only go and buy things there when they have an additional % off sale going.

She had me at additional % off sale.

Since the outlet mall is only about 4 miles past our exit onto I-80 I asked Hubs to make a detour to the Vera Bradley store.

Here is my booty....

And here is the receipt in it's own little envelope.  How hoity toity....

I'm not going to show you the actual receipt.
Let's just say it's just over 3 figures......

But man, did I get some deals for those 3 figures.

I got this one of course....

I liked it because it had handles and a strap, so I can choose how to carry it, depending on the situation.

Then I got this one because it's summery and bright.....and it was on clearance so less than $20....
It has an exterior pocket, an adjustable strap and a drawstring.

And then, because I couldn't make up my mind and only get two, I got this purse......

It's lime green and bright royal blue and suits my darker moods.

I made these purchases because I have no summer purse.  I wore mine out last year.  These fabric bags are more casual and that's how I roll, especially in the summer.  My other two purses are black and that doesn't cut it in the warm weather....unless I want to take up being a Goth.

I also didn't go into debt to buy these and I didn't dip into money reserved for bills and needs so I refuse to feel guilty about buying these bags.
I could sit here and justify this purchase until the end of time but I don't need to since I can clearly afford to spend the money.
If I was in debt though, I'd be kicking myself for dropping the cash.

I couldn't believe that Vera B. store.  More paisleys than I've ever seen in one place in my entire life!
Some of it was ugly but some was very nice and all of it had reg. retail prices I couldn't believe.
It's fabric people, not spun gold!
You could drop serious bucks in that place, even at outlet prices AND additional discounts during a sale.

Have you spent money lately in a moment of impulse on a want?
And do you feel guilty for doing it?



  1. Ugh, you had to mention bags. The straps on mine are dying (or dead, I can't tell!) so I will have to look for a replacement soon. Those bags are really nice, and glad the newest unofficial member of the family is as frugal as you!

    I rarely feel guilty about my purchases. Considering I could be spending $665/mo extra on things I want instead of paying extra on debt, when I do spend on things without hurting my budget, it's a win win.

  2. Oh my word, how could you! I mean really sluggy three purses? Designer purses? I am in shock and I'm not sure I can subscribe to this blog any more....... Okay kidding. You deserve them, but I think you should send the blue and green one to me.t

  3. I adore Vera Bradley bags! You know you can get last season's prints for dirt cheap on ebay, right? I look through all the discontinued fabrics on the Vera website and find the ones I love the best and I already know the style of bags I like and search those options on ebay and voila!

    Also, sometimes Ross and Marshall's and Steinmart have some Vera products on sale.

    Love the Vera Bradley stuff. They even have eyeglass frames and stationary and rugs and flip flops, etc.

  4. I felt guilty spending my Swagbucks on a Fossil purse that was everything I want--black, leather, nothing sparkly on it, black stitching, and garbage on it that was removable, zipper pocket inside and zipper to close the whole purse, and ON SALE...that's how I roll. Goth? I doubt anyone would think that of me. This is my third year carrying this purse year round.

    The thing I hate about this purse is that it has the word "Fossil" embossed on it. I removed all the other items that identify the brand. I just want a purse with all the attributes it has and is not too large or too small.

    The more years I use it, the less guilty I feel about the price. I do have other purses if I want to use a smaller purse for an occasion.

  5. It is great you purchased those pretty purses at a discount! I remember when vera bradley began, a few decades ago, and everything was made in the usa. Then I did research, and found out that she makes her bags in china, and pulled out of her original ohio factory that she began with (I think it was even a relative's factory)! So, they began their own line (mind you, this is the original VB makers) called stephanie dawn ( All made in Ohio, reasonably priced, and comparing both of those that I have, theirs are better quality.

    BTW, I am originally from western pa, and I also was impressed at one of my daughter-in-law's wedding to start buying VB ....and then, of course, I went over to stephanie dawn after I heard the story.

  6. Very cute. Don't feel guilty. It doesn't do you any good. Haha

  7. We are frugal so we CAN splurge on occasion.

  8. Good for you!!! :) Love the bags! I just splurged on a sewing machine & felt a *bit* guilty, but I have no debt & paid full in cash... I've also earned back most of the cost, so I'm feeling good about my purchase right now! :)


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