Sunday, May 26, 2013

Going Outside for A Change

It's a nice day today weatherwise.
It's going to be in the 60's.
Not as cold as yesterday so we will be outside this afternoon working on outdoor projects like the lawn, the garden, tree trimming, etc.

I've got yellow eye beans on boiling, almost ready to go into the crockpot for baked beans.
I can't have the canned baked beans(too much sodium!)so I have to make my own.  I will sneak in a little nitrite-free bacon, though not all the salt added to the canned brands.
We'll be grilling out today as well.

#2 son did some yard cleanup for me yesterday before he went to work at the restaurant and Hubs turned over the soil in the garden bed out back and the flower bed in front.
We are a couple weeks late in getting the garden refreshed this year.  Last weekend we were at Graduation and the week before it was freezing(good thing we didn't try to get an early jump on planting!).

Here's what I found when I went outside a few days ago to the garden bed.....

Those are 4 "volunteer" Collard plants.  I had Hubs turn the soil around them and not plow them under or pull them up.  Perhaps I'll have volunteer Morning Glories as well since I plant them over in that corner and they usually reseed from the pervious year's vines if I don't pull them out.

And the Rhododendron is in full bloom too....

Unfortunately I fear my lemon magnolia tree we planted 3 years ago out front is dead.  It just couldn't take the wacky weather last year and gave up.  sigh
I guess I have to move back down South if I ever want a true Magnolia tree in my yard again.....

I'm off to weed wack the yard....oh goody! ;-)
Are you working in your yard/garden today?



  1. Does hanging out clothes count? That is all I have gotten done today, but plans involve some container gardening.

  2. Enjoy your day today! I worked on our garden on Friday and still need to plant couple more things but mostly I'm done. No flowers on the front this year because it's just not in the books, so I will just enjoy my rose bushes and their first blooms!

  3. Too hot here already. Though my neighbors are having a ball outside. :-)

  4. It's been really terrible weather around here. Cold and rainy. Im ready for summer already.
    And it seems like everyone is behind this year with the yard work. Our yard is a mess and I'm starting to wonder if we will get it all done before fall.


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