Thursday, May 9, 2013

Snowball Fights Anyone?

What a grey day we had in Pennsyltucky yesterday.
First off here was my view in the morning....

I was trapped in a hospital waiting on specialists to come poke and prod me.  Mostly I just answered questions about my sleep.  They feel I need a BiPAP machine at night so a new sleep study has been ordered.  Oh goody!  I get to try to sleep in a strange bed in a hospital with cameras watching me and all kinds of electrodes and gizmos hooked up to me next week.

Then in the afternoon, here was my view......

Sitting in the car in the parking lot of the grocery store, waiting for my daughter.  I was out of turkey for my new tradition of a turkey sandwich daily for lunch.
Rain was a bad thing since my Hubs replaced my windshield wipers but they aren't working correctly.  They move alright but they just don't REmove any water from the windshield.  I think he pushed down on the center of the wiper arms when he attached them, so that the curve of the glass is not lining up with the curve of the blades, so they just flap back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.....

Here was my view from my back door in the early evening.
About 7pm, the skies opened up and it started hailing......

And it hailed some more......

And more......

And by the time it ended 5 minutes later, the deck looked like it was time for snowball hailball fights.....

Here's a shot from our front door after some had melted......

And here over by our shed.  Where the grass is dead it looks like white flowering ground cover plants.....

Now actual snow in May is not unheard of here but hail at any time of the year is a rarity.



  1. Hailstorm! Sounds like a fun day. Maybe it's the hail that's been keeping you up?

  2. At least as the day progressed, things got better. Doctors and tests are not fun.

    When I went to a new job, I decided turkey sandwich was going to be my lunch everyday since sameness requires little mental or physical energy. My feet started swelling and were swollen every morning for several weeks.

    After a bit of sleuthing, I figured out I was the heavy dose of sodium in the turkey. I cut out the turkey sandwich and my feet were not swollen much at night and never in the morning. If you find sliced turkey with no sodium, please share with us the brand.

    I don't think I could sleep in a strange bed with all the contraptions I hear attend this procedure. I will be anxious to hear how it is.

  3. Hail? Wow, even we did not get that here in Buffalo. But the day has ended nicely here -- for you too, I hope!

  4. Yes, at least it wasn't real snow :)


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