Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Zen of Sluggy

These are just some things swirling around in my brain.  Some are profound while others are just ridiculous.  Still others just prove that I'm not quite right in the head.

Today's sayings......

"Fast Food is the Salt Lick of our Society but with none of the health benefits."

"If McDonald's is the deity of the fast food Universe, is their High Temple in Salt Lick, Kentucky?"



  1. Haha. Well, it is the truth. When a ground beef burger patty has less nutrition than a pack of ground beef, we've got issues! Salt and sugar are both very out of control in today's everything. It's pretty sad.

  2. Funny and so deep. Really!

  3. Truly the salt of the earth you are!!
    Aren't you supposed to lay off the salt these days??

  4. All right you are feeling way too good. What drugs are you on and can I have some?


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