Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fun Times at Chez Sluggy

We are busy, busy, busy lately here at Chez Sluggy.

Last week we had our initial Sleep Apnea consult at the Sleep Disorders Clinic.
Geez, I can't even be orderly when I sleep.....

Then the daughter picked up her beau at the airport in Philly.  Say hello to Justin......

The barbecue and ribs I smoked, along with some COC roasted on the grill, hit the spot on Friday night.
Saturday we met daughter and her beau for a late lunch/early dinner.  They don't have "Friendly's" down in Louisiana so they wanted to go there.
They get to pick the venue and Hubs and I get to pick-UP the check. Hmmmmm.

Daughter got this monstrocity called a Grilled Cheese Hamburger.

It's 2 grilled cheese sandwiches for the "bun" of a hamburger.....2 grilled cheese with a hamburger in the middle of the pile.

It's no longer on the menu so you have to ask for it special and it's got a hefty price tag attached.

But daughter says it's, "Freakin' awesome!"

Coming home I didn't like the looks of this cloud.....

It was angry and starting to swirl.
Luckily it did NOT spiral into something nasty and chase us home.

Sunday morning, daughter and her beau loaded up her new car to head out on a 1,300 miles trip to Louisiana.


I don't know how they got everything they did packed into that little car.  There's a rather large tv in the trunk, all her clothes and a massive shoe collection.  Yeah, daughter is one of "those women". lol

 She had wanted to take her recumbent exercise bike in that car, which was NOT happening.  Now I get to use it...yay!

Bon Voyage favorite daughter!

*They made it to LA safe and sound. 8-)

The rest of Mother's Day was uneventful and low key.  Oldest son called me that evening and we hardly saw Youngest son since he works in a restaurant and it was Mother's Day.

Monday I got to go have blood drawn and got the added treat of peeing into a cup. 8-))

Tuesday evening I got to spend the night in the hospital at the Sleep Disorders Center.  I had a sleepover where they wired me up and watched me sleep.  Now how much fun does that sound like.....watching me sleep?  About as exciting as watching paint dry I think.

The Sleep Doc says I have Pickwickian Syndrome(named after the little Dickensian fat boy, John, in The Pickwick Papers, who can't seem to catch his breath).
It's one of the myriad of problems they say I have that is causing me to have heart problems.  Treatment consists of weight loss and using a Positive Air Pressure machine or a BiPAP at night while sleeping.
Oh goody!  Now I get to look like a Snuffleupagus and sound like Darth Vader.


Not very sexy at bedtime....

Wednesday I got to go hang out at the Heart Hospital.
I got to sit on a bed in a lovely shmatah and they gave me this cool jewelry.....

The not so cool part was they also got to poke me with needles.  I got two, count 'em two, IV lines!
And the second line took 2 tries to get right.
But wait....there's more!
When they took me in for the catheterization the second line came out when the nurse was futzing with it, so I got a lovely new line put into my artery.
Isn't my bandaid HUGE?!  It matches my huge nostrils.......

They did a right heart catheterization to measure the pressures in my heart.  Just one of the many diagnostic tests I've been subjected to lately.
It involves running a tube into the right chamber of the heart and measure pressures there and into the lungs.
Cross your fingers I pass this test.
It was a SONOFABITCH with no anesthetic.
And since they had to go into my neck artery the trip was shorter but my 40 min. in and out the door procedure took 6 HOURS!  2 to prep, 2 to perform and 3 laying in recovery to make sure I didn't bleed out or something.
It's a good thing Hubs took the whole day off to take me.

The good thing it's a good excuse to be lazy and do NOTHING around the house for 5 days, per doctor's orders.
Go Me!

So we are slowly going down a list of ailments and ticking them off as we find out we are NOT afflicted with them.
I go see the cardiologist next week to see what the next step is.

Today I colored my hair so I don't look like my son's grandmother at his college graduation on Saturday.
Then I had a hot young thang deliver oxygen cylinders to me.  I undressed him with my eyes while he carried those large torpedoes into the house.

And now I am waiting on my brother to arrive from Virginia so I can feed him and he can ride with us to the ceremony.
The weekend promises to be jam packed with activity too.

What are you up to lately?




  1. Please tell me you studied for all these tests! You really need to pass. That line in the neck sounds horrendous. When I had one from my groin to heart, they kept sedating me because I was so anxious and told them how frightened I was. I drove myself to the hospital and no one even knew I was there. No, I was not having a heart attack and had healthy heart and arteries. But, the thought of what they were going to do was awful. I sincerely hope you were heavily sedated like I was. That was good stuff.

    The hot thing had two torpedoes? how nice.

    Okay, is bf going to school in LA? It will be good to have a nurse in the family.

    As much as I love grilled cheese and hamburgers, that was a wicked looking sandwich, something I could take all day to eat. Really, all day.

    I really don't know how you slept in the hospital with people watching.

  2. You are a busy lady. Those of us from the Isle of Long, where many ladies in kvetching circles wear shmatahs know that one thing is quite universal -- you whisper the name of the disease. It adds to the drama -- not like you need more of that. Oy!

  3. May I digress for a bit with a comment designed to bring you a laugh? This goes back a number of years (when my 14-year-old son was 4, and I was pregnant with my daughter, now 10. Do the math to figure out how long ago this was - though it seems more recent.) You mentioned the requirement of peeing in a cup.

    I took Mr. 4-year-old with me into the bathroom at the OB-GYN's office while there for a routine pregnancy visit. You know how kids at that age ask a million questions, and loudly, too? As we exited the bathroom I explained the plastic cup factually: "You see, the doctor asked that I pee in a cup."

    Smart boy - he took it to the next level without missing a beat. "Do you have to doo in the cup, too?"

  4. I love it you can keep humor into all of these events. Sad to see DD go, but hopefully the skyping can carry on. Also, hope you passed that test! It does NOT sound fun. I would've freaked out. I'm not a hospital person. At all!

  5. :) Undressing young men with your eyes and peeing in a cup are ALWAYS a hit!!!

  6. You are a busy mess. I think that about sums it up.
    I pray that you and the team of doctors figures out what is going on with you. I am glad that you are finally getting the help that you deserve.


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