Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meal Plan and Grocery Spending

I haven't been keeping up on the showing y'all the Meal Plans here.
Just too much to do some days, keeping track of dr. appts. and phone calls and cooking from scratch, cleaning and all that other junk.
Something has to give......

But I'm being all good and stuff this week.
I have still been recording my grocery receipts every week and so far in May, through the 24th, I have spent a grand total of $421.49 on food, with a reg. retail value of $699.21.

On my grocery list for this week?
Well it ain't much.

A quantity of "ICE" drinks at WeisPMITAMarkets
A few bags of Texas Toast Croutons on sale $1 ea.
A lb. of low sodium turkey deli meat.
A tomato or two for sandwiches.
And maybe some ice cream and milk for #2 Son.
That's it!

Trying to get through the last week of the month on $40 and keep the food spending well under $500.

I can't tell you what we ate last week except for Meatball Subs(turkey/beef balls and homemade sauce for me) on Wednesday, Honey Garlic Shrimp with coconut Rice on Thursday, a Roasted chicken on Friday and Chicken and Broccoli with leftover Honey Garlic sauce and coconut rice on Saturday.
The rest of the week was 'this and that' I put together from around the pantry/freezer mostly, trying to get back into my eating routine after the trip to Graduation last week when I went off the plan a bit.

This week I'm going into the week WITH a plan for a change.....lol

Sunday--Cookout...burgers, dogs, homemade potato salad and baked beans and new pickles(all low sodium except for the nitrite-free bacon in the beans)
Monday--Bob Evans cooked us dinner(used a coupon for a BOGO deal)...I had potato crusted flounder.
Tuesday--Chicken & Dumplings-using leftover roasted chicken-not sure how much of this I can let myself have yet
Wednesday--Catfish fry, leftover baked beans, carrots and potato salad
Thursday--leftover Garlic Chicken w/Broccoli and coconut rice
Friday--Ravioli in Sauce w/leftover meatballs, green salad
Saturday--Whatever is still leftover

The only cooking I need to do the rest of the week is make the Chicken & Dumplings, fry the fish, make spaghetti sauce and boil the ravioli.
Did I just say "only"?.....because this sounds like a lot as I look at that sentence.  ;-)

We are due for some really warm weather the end of the week(can you say 89??)so all meals are subject to change, needless to say.... lol

So that's where the food money stands now and what's appearing on the kitchen table this week here at Chez Sluggy.
What's getting fixed and served at your house this week?


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