Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just For Laughs

One of the fine moments of an underrated film.....



  1. That film was not underrated with me. I loved it. Steve Martin was so stupid and brilliant. I love the father's talk about telling "s**t from Shinola," the woman who promised him a job (bj) and he was so proud he was going to work/make money, his thinking someone had it out for oil cans during the shooting. I and my friends were so enamored that I never knew it was not valued for the brilliant masterpiece it was/is.

    I love Steve Martin! I may have seen all his movies. And, he can really play a banjo. He is an accomplished musician with original banjo pieces. I really want that album.

  2. "You mean I'm gonna stay this color?" Haha. That's very cute.


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