Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Non-Stop Toilet Cleaning

Hubs and I are going into the Designer Hotel business.


It needs work but it's a steal!
Look at the trim work inside on that staircase.
The only draw back is the number of toilets.
I just wish I could talk him into it.

He wants to leave his job soooo badly and doesn't want to wait the few years he needs to stay before he retires from there.

I told him he can leave now, we can fix this up and run it.
After a few years, when it's a going operation, we can hire a manager to run it, and then sit back and count the profits.

That's what childhood friends of Hubs did when they retired as teachers.  They bought a B&B in the Berkshires, eventually hired a manager, retiring from the B&B biz and had a passive income stream.

I guess I'll have to save this idea for my second husband...... ;-)




  1. I don't know. I still prefer the pirate ship. Though seriously, that wouldn't be such a horrible idea on its own, haha.

  2. I have always wanted to own a B&B. Maybe the next husband....

  3. But how cool is this place! So much history...

  4. I want to run bike tours -- less toilet cleaning! Hubs would do the actual cycling and I'd just cook. Sorta like we already do only on a larger scale! You can have that big house....


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