Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chatting About What's New in Sluggy's World

The big news is I continue to drop the lbs.
I'm down 28.8 lbs. since getting home from the hospital on April 5th.
Counting the 18 lbs. I took off the 4 days I was IN the hospital, that makes a weight(and water) loss of 46.8 lbs.

I don't care for blogs that go on and on about diets and dieting and loosing(or gaining) weight, they bore me to tears and I rather think MY weight journey is boring all of you as well, so I won't be making this sort of post a regular thing.
But I could use some "atta girls" and encouragement now and again, so you may see a desperate plea for High Fives now and again. ;-)

Perhaps I'll make a tab on the blog and I can post all the "Downsizing of Sluggy" reads there so those who are yawning even now at this mention of weight loss don't have to suffer through another one, but those who can't get enough of me(hehehe)can stay updated when there is less of me to love.

The big job this weekend was going through the stockpile and cleaning up the garage.  No matter how much I organize out there and try to keep it picked up, the other humans living here like to leave their stuff everywhere and trash my system.  It's my lot in least until they all leave home. lol

So it started out as just going through the stockpile to get rid of everything I can no longer eat.  We did keep a little for the other people who live here since they can still eat it and they like it.
Things I no longer eat from my stockpile, due to the sodium content, that we either eliminated totally or just kept a few of are.....

*Spaghetti Sauce
*Tomato Sauce
*Knorr's Rice and/or Noodle Sides
*boxed Mac & Cheese
*Barbecue Sauce
*canned Soup
*packaged Taco Seasoning
*Lipton dry Soup Mix
*Seasoned Bread Crumbs
*various canned Veggies
*Green Olives
*As well as boxes of Cereal past their use by date(the kids never ate them) 8-(

I was going to throw out the Stove Top Stuffing but if I don't use the flavor packet(and make up my own spices/seasonings from scratch), I can still use the bread cubes.
We kept all the A-1 Steak Sauce too since #2 Son prefers to drown his pork chops and steak in it. shudder

What is leaving is 10 boxes filled with products.  I'll let the brother in-law go through it all to see if there is anything he'll use before I freecycle it all and trash what no one wants.

I also gleaned another box full of toys and housewares to take to Salvation Army while we were in the garage. 

I am STILL trying to learn Windows 8 on my new laptop.  It is so user Unfriendly!  I am taking so long to get the hang of it that I fear some of that weight loss was grey matter. lol
The most insane thing is that the mail program in W8 no longer supports a POP email account...which is what I have with my ISP.
So Hubs set it up with my Yahoo email(web based email) and some other hocus-pocus so that now I can get my email from my POP account into the mail program BUT email won't go to my Inbox.  He had to set up a separate folder in the mail program and all my mail goes into that.
Crazy shit....

I also can't upload photos from my camera to this laptop.  My camera technology is now officially OBSOLETE.
Hubs has to upload my camera card to his desktop machine and then email the photos to me.....into my "special folder" in this stupid W8 mail program.
And I can't find any photo editing feature/software on this laptop......there might be one but I don't possess enough brain cells any longer to FIND it!

Plus my Wand Scanner, which I use to digitize all the old family photos in the scrapbooks.....the laptop has no orifice in which to insert the micro card adapter.  At the least, I need to buy something else to get the laptop to download the photos.

And since I'm on the subject of photos......I thought I had saved all my photos onto a flash drive from the desktop computer before it died.  Since Judy never posted about her Swap Sister presents and she STILL is not responding to my emails, I was going to post some photos of her goodies.
By the way, I was her Swapper person if you didn't figure that out from my last sentence. lol
I had taken pictures of her goodies before I sent them off.
Well, evidently I deleted them or never transferred the photos onto the flash drive since I can't find them!
I guess no one will ever see the awesome goodies I sent her and realize what a wonderful Swap Sender I am.  ;-)

Daughter is in her last week of classes for the term at the college.
#2 Son had his school orchestra and jazz concerts this past week.  The Jazz Festival was today and he has a recital this week along with the students of his flute teacher.

One of the highlights of my week was chatting with Mark of Our Simple Lives on the phone.  The only thing missing was a box of wine...... ;-) 
Mark and Fred joined the "Parent of a Teen" Club this week, when their son turned 13.  Hoist a glass or three to them with me!
And then go check out Mark's Facebook page for his side hustle HERE.  He's filling up garages at a swift clip in south central PA with his vintage, Mid-Century Modern, Danish and otherwise fashionable furniture.
Yes, Mark is now a furniture pimp.
 He's got inventory to move so if you are looking for stunning furnishings, check him out.
Of course when he brought up his new furniture buying/selling obsession I got to tell him he was turning into a hoarder, just like me.

Last night was the Junior/Senior Prom.  I snapped a few photos of #2 Son and his Date before they left for another photo session at another girl's house, and then on to the Prom.

I told them to look off into the distance for this one.....I kind of like it because they both started loosening up and had fun with this one.

This week I have 2 medical appointments-a CT scan and a follow-up with my new family doctor group.  The following Wednesday I report to the Sleep Disorders Center.  I suspect that will be a fun filled outing as well.

What's new in your world?



  1. I think it's cool that you're losing weight and I look forward to reading more about it. The lower-sodium diet interests me. We ate fast food over the weekend and all felt crappy afterward and I'm sure a large part of the crappiness was the mega-sodium. Also, I am always trying to lose 5 lbs. or so, but I just ate a lot of cake today (no sodium, though, right?) I'm not any kind of virtuous partner today, as you can gather. Tomorrow's a new day. I think your progress so far is awesome and I am glad all that weight, water and otherwise (I assume it's some otherwise), is coming off so you will be healthier, something we should all strive for. The mister has to take off 40 lbs. of "otherwise" and he keeps talking about it and keeps not doing it.

  2. Good job on the weight loss. Watkins has a lot of spices without any salt. Very expensive but very good.

  3. You are doing such a great job with the weight loss and the loss of all the stuff you can't eat any longer. I am glad you are felling better.


    P.S. I am sure your swap to Judy was the best :)

  4. You can request a downgrade to W7. Everything will be like you had it on last computer. There is a piece of plastic to receive the microchip so it will fit your laptop.

    I, for one, do not mind hearing about the weight loss at all. I started a new blog about my weight-loss journey and have that posted on my Practical Parsimony blog, so people can just go there. I know all those things you are eliminating have sodium and have few in my home. I use your journey to help remind me of things I can change in my life to lose weight, even if it is water-weight.

    Your water/weight loss is impressive.

    It seems that everything on your list could still be used in moderation/with modification just like you are using the Stovetop stuffing. Or, just use it less often and with modifications.

    Since you are better, I have a comment. I cannot read the green text in the gray sidebar of your blog. Now, you don't have to change just because I complain. It really matches the wallpaper/background of your blog and looks nice. I know my cataracts make me blind...sigh.

    I love the prom pictures.

    Now, I have to get over to Mark's place.

  5. p.s. I wanted to say: Is this the same son who had the hair-covering-face photo a few years back? Looking dapper, indeed, nowadays...

  6. Sluggy, I hate Windows 8 too and the only thing that helps is if I switch it to that desktop mode. I need to practice more with it but I hate it. I read my email on the web -- which is primarily the reason why I got it. I can connect to the wifi at camp and read my mail or send out resumes, etc.

    As for the stuff you are throwing out, I promise it will help. That is stuff I always refused to buy (except some sauce jars if it's low sodium and low sugar). Most of the stuff you can buy with a coupon has either a lot of salt, sugar or both -- so that's why I stopped couponing.

    As you lose weight, focus on your measurements and how you feel over the number on the scale. At our age, the scale doesn't help because stuff redistributes, etc.

    But carry on -- you're doing well!

  7. I was wondering if it was just me Judy had not replied too :( Sounds like you are having a busy time! Hope your health continues to improve :)

    1. Thanks Melissa. I hope the flooding in your town is gone!

  8. Wow, lots going on with you! But seriously, that much weight is an awesome loss! And not boring at all, especially that quickly. I'll be lucky if I can drop a pound a month these days.

    If your camera uses microsd or sd cards, you can get readers that plug into your USB drives, and those are a few pennies a piece (ok, closer to $1.00). There are tons of free editing programs, but I'm not sure if they've been adapted to Win8. Have you looked into asking for a downgrade to Win7? Since you bought it so recently, you may be able to get them to do it.

  9. Atta girl on the weight loss!!!! If I could lose that much, I'd be almost down to the weight I was when we got married! STILL wouldn't fit in the dress, but I don't need to.
    LOVE your son's prom pics! Maddy's prom was this weekend too. Whew! I'm kind of glad that's over!

  10. Your weight loss is amazing. I cannot even imagine how bad you felt with that much water weight. When I eat movie popcorn, I retain about 5 lbs in water the next day and I am miserable. So, I don't do that very often.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. Seriously - ROCK on with the weight loss! That is amazing, & you are doing an absolutely awesome job. Keep it up, Sluggy! Your son is adorable - great pics!

  12. Congrats on your success with Weight loss. Something that deserves celebrating

  13. For someone that got out of the hospital not that long ago, you are super busy!
    Your son is a cutie! Thank you for sharing.
    And I had my computer do an auto-update, basically rendering yahoo and everything else to do with getting on-line useless. 3 hrs later and a few tears, I got back on. I had actually lost everything to do with my on-line bill pay. Everything.
    And way to go on the weight loss! You are amazing and I find nothing that you write boring!

  14. I think that the weight-loss is very impressive! I hope that you feel whole lot better along with it. Ahh the sleep disorders center... I saw the cutest little CPap machine today at a conference. Hardly made a sound!
    Thank you for sharing the pictures of your son and his date! They look very nice!

  15. KUDOS to you for all that weight loss! That's amazing!!! I would LOVE to follow you getting smaller. Perhaps it will give me incentive to lose the 25 lbs I've gained over the last couple of years. UGH. It wouldn't be such a big deal, except I don't fit into any of my clothes. And that's no fun.

  16. Thanks, this green text is so much easier to read.

  17. You seem to be feeling better and I am so glad. Cute son!


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