Saturday, April 20, 2013

Steve is Having a Bad Day...or Is He?

Stolen Borrowed from my friend Jeff over at the West Virginia Surf Report, here's a video of a woman doing "Man on the Street" interviews.

Watch this and imagine yourself in that woman's place.
Seems "Steve" may have been off his medication that day!
Either that or he just came out of the Hard Rock CafĂ©(behind him)after seeing his bill there.....


**Slight bad language warning**
Please return all beverages to an upright position before viewing....



  1. LOL!! Glad all of us Canadians aren't weird...or ARE we???

  2. Oh wow! I'm thinking you're correct with the "off his meds." notion.

    That reporter's body language and facial expression said it all!

  3. lol!!! He's one of those new super heros. Tangent Man!!


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