Thursday, April 18, 2013

Saving $ on Clothing a Disgruntled Teen

I don't go shopping often.
When I do it's usually a need.
#2Son was in need of Summer clothes as he's grown out of last years togs.
So unless I want the boy to go nekkid this Summer, yah.....bigger clothes are a need. lol
So Hubs took us down to Kohl's on Saturday with the teen so he could try on shorts and such.

You would have thought I asked the boy to endure hours of torture on the rack!
Take him to a store, buy him stuff(he gets to pick out!)and take him home.  He is so mistreated, isn't he?

After an hour or so of sighing and eye rolls, we left with 4 pairs of Levi and Urban Pipeline shorts, a Vans shirt, a Marc Jacobs shirt and a Rocko's Modern Life t-shirt for the Daughter.
The bill came to $127.
I had a 20% off coupon, which made the bill $105.88.
I used 2 x $50 Kohl's gift cards to pay.....though they weren't "free", I had gotten them at Rite-Aid last year during a +Ups Promo, so they were paid for out of last year's money AND I had gotten $20 in +Up Rewards to spend for $20 worth of free stuff at Rite-Aid last year.
So I ended up paying $5.88 for the 7 items of clothing.

And then, for spending $100, I received a $20 Kohl's cash to use later this month.
So in the end I "spent" $105.88 and got $40 in extra script and 7 items of clothing.

And except for maybe some sandals, I am done spending on teen clothes until Fall.

Always trying to work the angles here, even when hooked up to oxygen and pulling it around behind me in a store.....



  1. You have to love Teenage boys they save you so much money, while you humiliate them.

  2. Working the angles always works out so well for you. I think sons are the most averse to clothing shopping. I see people with little shoulder bags, sort of like purses, with tiny oxygen tanks.

  3. I have seen so many kids that way... I think I'd personally walk away and let them get ridiculed. They have so much to be thankful for and just aren't. Great deals on the clothes! And I thought that paying an average of $5/item was a steal. You always beat my deals without even trying. Keep feeling better.

  4. How early does this eye-rolling start? Cause my 6-year old is already doing it!! Nice savings by the way.

  5. Excellent deal! I don't remember that Rite Aid deal for the Koh's gift card and I've in that store probably daily for the past 3 years!!

  6. Oh hell no! Let him go naked! I would still be complaining that I was almost killed by a crazy doctor. Everyone would be starving and naked til I was off my "Air".
    Love you much slugs!

  7. Oh the humanity! The suffering of picking out nice clothes while your mother pays. It has to be a teenage boy thing. I have to make my 16 yr old try stuff on and come out of the change room. He is a beanpole but in his mind he must be a linebacker because those are the sizes he pulls!
    It is going to take your poor lungs awhile to get better! Oh Sluggy I hope the days get easier!
    Awesome deal on the clothes!


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