Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wild Fun with the Hubs on President's Day!

This is a quickie post while I sit and rest from tackling my Week 3 Decluttering Challenge today.

Hubs had off for the President's Day holiday yesterday so we did something wild and crazy.....well, wild and crazy for a couple of old coots like us.
We had lunch at Bob Evans(I used a Coupon too!)and then we went to Big Lots to walk off lunch and bought groceries.
Yes, we live life on the EDGE!!

*Hubs wanted some applesauce cups for when he brings his lunch to work. $1
*I needed a bottle of garlic powder as I am almost out.  While I like to use fresh or minced in the refrigerated jar, I use the powder for certain things....like in pizza sauce. $1
*The conchiglie(seashell)pasta was my idea.  I haven't been able to find this shape/size around here for a good price at the grocery stores.  I like this shape for making mac & cheese or to interchange with rigatoni when I make rigatoni and sauce, as it holds the sauce well like a rigatoni noodle. $1
*The chocolate graham crackers were half price, as they are coming up on the USE BY date on the box.  Contrary to what a lot of folks think, just because the Use By date is past, doesn't make the crackers inedible or toxic. ;-)  I hope to get a chocolate graham crusted pie out of the box IF I can keep them out of #2 son's clutches!lol $1.25
*We were out of wet dog food so I picked up these cans for a good price for Pedigree.  I use wet dog food as a condiment on the kibble and real food blend I give the puppies....like a sauce to tempt them to eat.  It helps with the chihuahua because she is so picky and won't eat real food(veggies & fruit scraps either alone or mixed with meats).  Using this gets her eating and she doesn't realize there is real food under it until it's all gone.  Yes, I am a master of dog psychology.....lol  $1.15 each
*Prego is our favorite jarred sauce but it's hardly ever on sale here at the grocery stores.  This jar was HUGE and even less expensive per ounce than the Ragu and such at the grocery stores on sale.  Since we can't use a huge jar up nowadays in 1 meal with only 3 of us at home, I'll have to make multiple meals in a single week that call for spaghetti sauce OR make 2 lasagnas or such and freeze one for later OR wait for the other kids to come home to cook something and use it. $4
*My favorite purchase was the cans of 100% juice concentrate.  I had a EUREKA! Light Bulb Moment in the store yesterday when I saw it.  This concentrate requires you to add 3 cans of water to reconstitute it to full 100% juice strength.  I've been trying to get #2 son to drink less juice, even though it's not the nasty loaded with HFCS or cane sugar varieties.  It's loaded with calories, even if it's 'natural' and he should drink more water and less juice.
So I am going to buy this and pull the trick I use to pull when my kids were little.....water down their juice.  I can make it less sweet but still sweet enough so he won't notice.  Less calories, less natural sugar and more water consumed.  Yes, I am a Sneaky McSneakerson and don't you dare rat me out to my kids! $1 each

Back to the dining/living room now....



  1. Great deals! I love Big Lots.

    You can also just freeze the Prego for later use.

  2. I see your dates are every bit as romantic as ours. :D


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