Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rite-Aid Hocus Pocus!

I have 2 Wellness cards to get to $100 in qualified spending by March 3rd in order to earn a $20 +Up Reward on each.

Card #1 has $74 in qualified purchases on it at the moment.
Card #2 has $23 in qualified purchases up to Friday evening.

Word around the blogs is that those $15 +Ups earned for buying the reading glasses earlier this week?....They are only scanning in for $7.50, half of their value, when you try to use them to pay for your purchases.
Rite-Aid is playing games with the +Ups so if you didn't take advantage of the Glitch and only got the amount of +Ups for the glasses you were suppose to, they are screwing you!
Well done Rite-Aid, well done..... 8-(

So I made a point of getting rid of the 2 glasses +Ups I had on Friday night.

On the Card #2, I bought 13 bottles of the Soft Soap hand soap that was on sale this week for .97¢ a bottle.
This counts toward a monthly deal--Spend $25 in Colgate and/or Soft Soap items and Get $10 +Ups.
Subtotal on those was $12.61

I also bought 5 Neutragena facial cleaner items, with a subtotal of $20.95 after Qs.

Total for those lots of items was $33.56.
I "tried" to use my 2 $15 +Ups.
They rang up for $7.50 each.
Night Manager fixed them so I got the full value off.
$33.56-$30=$3.56+ $.72tax=$4.28 OOP put on gift card.

I received 2 x $5 +Ups for buying 5 Neutragena items(The Deal is Buy 3/Get $5 +Ups-limit 2, but the second set, only buying 2, instead of 3, triggers the 2nd $5 +Ups.).
I also  got a $10 +Ups for the monthly Skincare Deal(Buy select brands/types of skincare products worth $25 or more/Get a $10 +Ups).
So I have $20 in +Ups going into next week.

Going into next week....
Card #1 has $74 in qualified spending.
Card #2 has $53 in qualified spending.

Now for the monkey wrench.....
My $13(they rounded it up from $12.61)for the Soft Soap/Colgate monthly Deal is tracking on the receipt as "$25 ADVIL $10+UP"

If everything pans out, I figure I have 4 transactions to do next week(2 on each card), which will get me to or close to both $20 Rewards and increase my current $20 in +UPs to $35.50 in +UPs(and use $1.73 of my gift card in the process).

Well stay tuned to see how this all works out next week....IF it works



  1. Excellent job! (And pretty soap rainbow!) If we ever get a Rite-Aid around here, I'm going to have to take an advanced mathematics brush-up course before I start shopping there, just to be on the safe side.

  2. Those are great deals! I really need to get my coupon brain back in working order and start taking advantage of these sales. Yesterday I had $7 in UP Rewards that were expiring that day and I couldn't figure out anything to use them for to make more rewards (I'm sure there was something, I just couldn't get organized enough to figure it out) and ended up using them to stock up on tissues.


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