Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oooo Baby....I'm Hot for Decluttering P*rn!

Starting off February right!

 If the above photo doesn't make your heart race, then read on and check out the rest of the photos
 below for a thrill! 8-)

I finally got the Daughter to go through the boxes of crap in her old room.  This would be all the junk she left strewn about her room when she went away to college for the first time last Fall, that I then boxed up and stacked in the closet.

After she brought the boxes of things downstairs, I went through everything she designated to throw out before it was pitched.  4 garbage bags of actual trash left 2 weeks ago.  Sorry, I forgot to take photos of that....

And here is what I gleaned from the designated crap that can be recycled via Salvation Army.

1 Pr. Rubber Boots
12 Assorted Hats
3 Guitar Books
1 Art Case with some Art Supplies in it(pastels/colored pencils)
3 Stencils
4 HeadBands/Bandanas
1 Make-up Case(filled with hair bands, clips)
1 Fan/Water Bottle Spritzer thingy
8 YA Books
2 Purses
1 Personal Planner
2 Silly Hats
4 HeadBands/Bandanas
1 Flat Iron Hair Straightener

And yes that's a flat iron hair straightener and it works!  She had to have that expensive tool once upon a time.  Do you know how many Rite-Aid +Up Rewards it cost me???!!

I also gleaned various HBA products that still had stuff in the containers.  These went back into the toiletries supply closet and drawers or her personal box of "in use" toiletries.  When she comes home she's using these up before she opens a new product!  Just because I don't pay money for toiletries doesn't mean she can throw out products when they are only half used!

In addition to the half-used HBA goods, I gleaned a fistful of pens and pencils, cork board thumb tacks, some change(???!!!), 10 notebooks(with only a few pages used so I ripped those out and I have 10 new notebooks!), college prep books, knitting needles, novelty jewelry, her French Honor Society & National Honor Society pins, Academic Letter(for her letter jacket) and a perfectly good cell phone.

She was throwing away a working cell phone.....actually it was TWO cell phones but when I told her they were in her garbage pile, she went and took one out.
Ok, the one she still wanted to throw out was "old" and not "fashionable" and didn't have a qwerty keyboard.....who could possibly be expected to use that one?! *insert eye rolls here*

The next time she loses her phone or something happens to it and she is desperate for a "phone fix", I'll sell her back this one she can't be bothered with. ;-)

After Hubs emptied his car at Sallie's last month, I got busy filling it back up again with new toy/old eBay inventory......

1 Small Soldiers Board Game
1 Small Soldiers Slot Car Set
2 Fisher-Price Briarberry Doll Furniture Sets
1 Cinderella 50th Anniv. Doll
1 Blackbeard's Ship Model Kit
3 Star Wars Concept Vehicles Sets
1 Box of Cinderella Trading Cards
2 Replica #1 Spider-man Comic Books
1 Johnny Lightning Partridge Family die-cast Bus
1 Box Star Wars metal trading cards
1 Power Rangers PVC White Ranger Figure
1 101 Dalmatians Night Light
1 Matchbox Replic Double-Decker Bus
1 Racing Champions Surf Rods die-cast Car
1 Racing Champions Set of 5 KISS die-cast Cars

58 more items this trip makes 108 total for the year(added to last month's 50 item donation).
2 donation trips down for 2012, lots more to go!



  1. I just don't get the abs thing, but whatever. I like the declutter thing though.

    I haven't been counting, but our van had a lot of donation items in it last weekend. We were able to stack two of the thrift stores shopping carts up to our shoulders with it all. And like you, we have a lot more to go!

  2. Normally I find men with their underwear hanging out to be quite a turnoff but I think I can make an exception just this once :D

    What the heck is it with teenagers? It seems yours collects strange hats while mine has about 20 purses in every size imaginable. Which reminds me that I need to go in there and do the same thing. She still lives here but is a total slob and wont clean....I think I'll put it off another least until the clothes start to seep into the hallway.

  3. Annie--I put the Abs pic up there to get SonyaAnn's attention
    Godspeed on your purging goals too!

    Free!--Yes, as long as they keep their crap in their rooms with the door closed and there are no bugs or offensive odors wafting out I am good with

    We let it be known years ago(and we remind them often) that once they hit 18 and/or go away to school "their" room is no longer their room. It reverts back to MY control, to do with as I wish, and they are 'guests' in that room. My tp storage is now under the bed in 'her' room, 1 dresser is now extra toiletry stockpile storage space and half the closet is now holiday decoration storage. ;-)

  4. "I also gleaned various HBA products that still had stuff in the containers."-You do realize that we have the same children. Maybe they only have one mold in Heaven. It's a crappy mold to boot. Anna does the exact same things!

  5. Cute guy! Your Hubby? I did the same thing with my daughters I-pod. She had hers stolen because she was careless she got her old small one back that was in drawer I was cleaning. gee it is good enough now! DO you buy and trade on e-bay for money? Where do you get all the collectables I am confused. But I a usually confused.

  6. You are turning into Sonya...
    and yeah. Any phone that gets an upgrade in this house gets my low drawer of my desk to be used as a backup for when someone drops theirs in the dog water.

  7. SonyaAnn--lol, yes it IS a defective mold. You would have thought by now they could have worked out the kinks, right?

    Out My Window--My Hubs?*see me roll on the floor laughing hysterically*
    It amazed me that she was throwing away phones, because A-she is the child that watches her money like a hawk and B-she paid for all those phones and service.

    I USE TO sell on eBay part time as a way to bring some income in while also staying home with the kids. All these old toys you see leaving are stock I bought to resell that I never got around to or the market went bust by the time I got around to selling them and it's not worth it to sell now.
    Hope that helps clear things up. ;-)

  8. I very happily stopped buying my daughters toiletries six years ago whe she got her first job - she simply refused to use no name products anymore lol! How did our kids get such expensive taste? Everything is from a salon or boutique and the whole bathtub rim is lined with products when she takes a shower. I have one Costco sized shampoo and a bar of soap!

  9. The guy is okay, but why does a guy shave the hair off the chest? Shaved hair would be real turnoff. I went to a Peter Adonis show and all but one had shaved every hair, well on showing parts, even under the arms. uh, uh, maybe I have revealed too much.

    My daughter lived with her father when she was a teen. She visited me and I had to buy the brand of hairspray she wanted. I did, five different brands in a week, and I had little money. As she packed and told me how mean I was, she packed all five brands that she hated. Really, I would use them. I offhandedly mentioned to her not to pack those because I would use them all eventually. "But, you bought these for me, and I can't have them?" BRAT! Yes, she took them with my blessing. She must come from the same defective mold.

  10. I for one am appreciative of the "hot guy" photo... I think everyones blog posts should start like that. I'd continue reading each & every time!! ;) lol! You did a great job with your decluttering & donating!! Well done! :)

  11. I appreciate the abs! You make me want to declutter something.

  12. I think you maybe be turning into SonyaAnn.

  13. Oh I do so love p@rn...i mean cleaning p@rn...oh how I missed you all!!!!


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