Sunday, February 12, 2012

What I Bought Last Week....Boring Food & Toiletries Photos

Here is the extent of my shopping for this past week...Sunday to Saturday.

Hubs actually did this transaction for me last Sunday......

The independent grocer had a special on Chef Boyardee canned pastas at .88¢ a can.  I like to have this on hand for quick snacks for the teen that he can fix himself.  I'd rather have him eat a can of this than a bag of chips or a box of doughnuts. ;-)

There were $1/5 ManuQs expiring last Sunday(2/5) so my 10 cans for $8.80 ended up costing $6.80 OOP.   Reg. retail was $12.90.

I stayed out of the stores after that until Saturday.
I had $20 in +Ups expiring that day so I did this at Rite-Aid....
I know there was other stuff I could have gotten cheaper or for free but it wasn't stuff I needed.  That plus the items that were giving extra +Ups last week, I could find enough quantity of item to buy enough to trigger the extra +Ups in each deal.  Dagnabbit!

So everything I got was planned....the gum and candy for Hubs for Valentine's Day(shhh, don't tell him!!), the headphones(which were free with a raincheck from before Christmas)for #2 son for V-Day, the cookie mix for #2 son to fix himself for a snack, the lightbulbs  & facial tissue because we needed them, ditto on the TP(who doesn't need TP, right?lol) and the toothbrush?.....well I REALLY didn't NEED that after +Ups and stacked Qs, but it was free so whatthehell. ;-)
My total after Qs and $20 in +Ups came to .50¢, which I put on my free Rite-Aid gift card so no cash was used.  Reg. retail was $55.10.
And I got $5 in +Ups back($1 Toothbrush, $1 Cookie Mix, $1 Candy, $2 Light bulbs).

Oh, and almost everything I bought counted toward the Winter Resolution Spend $100/Get $20 +Ups Deal.  I had $31 toward the Reward going in and I have $50 toward it after this transaction.  Halfway there and I've only spent $4.77 in actual cash monies.....yay!

Then it was back to the independent grocer to stock up on a couple of items......

6 bottles of apple juice on sale 3 for $5.00.
8 cans of hash(corned and roast beef varieties) on sale for $2.00 ea.
Both are for #2 son.

Throw in a gallon of milk at some point for $3.50 and I spent $36.26 OOP on groceries last week.
I think 1 more week eating down the freezer and I can defrost it.  Got to get that puppy defrosted so I can stock up on meats again!
Spending so little of the weekly food shopping so far this month and last month, has left me with extra cash for a stock up when I get around to it.



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