Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some Love to You All!

I've noticed that the Follower Count is on the uptick lately.
Ok....I more than casually 'noticed', I confess.  I'm one of those blogger types that checks my 'numbers' every time I log on.
I live and breathe my Follower Count.
When I get a new one my heart smiles.
And when I lose one I beat myself about the breast, look to the heavens and shout, "Why?...Why!?!?  What did I do to so offend?!"

Well knowing how I am, it's really NOT a shock when I lose a Follower.
With my sarcastic wit, love of all things ribald, love of all things artsy-even show tunes!, and unorthodox approach to life and societal norms, I KNOW that Sluggy is not everyone's cuppa tea.

And there is all that boring stuff too that I am famous for.....couponing, homemaking, hoarding/decluttering, personal finance, fiscal responsibility, political views, frugal hacks, raising kids, ranting against those that offend me, living below ones means, sewing & other projects, and not buying meaningless crap in order to fill one's perceived meaningless life.
It's a wonder some times how ANYONE puts up with me for longer than a week or two! ;-)

This is just my quirky, strange way to say Thank You to everyone who puts up with me and my blog.
To all the commenters and all the stalkers lurkers and everyone in between, Thanks for being here!!

And if you are new, try not to be put off if I don't comment on your comment.  I am really bad, nah!....infamous!! for neglecting to respond to comments.  It is something I continue to work on about myself but progress is slow.  I have the comment feature on moderation just so that I NEVER MISS READING A SINGLE COMMENT THAT IS LEFT FOR ME.  It's not that I don't trust what people will say, I moderate because I don't want to miss anything any of you want to say to me without having to slog through every post I have ever written every day. ;-)
If you truly need my attention straightaway, instead of leaving a comment, please email me directly.  My email addy is there in my "About Me" thingamabob.

I'm not one to get all giddy about Valentine's Day.  Do we seriously need a forced Holiday to remind us to show our affection toward those we love?  If so, I'd venture to say that the human race is doomed.....
So as not to be a downer on this artificial lovely Holiday let's hear how you plan to celebrate your love this Valentine's Day.

Me?  I'll put in phone calls to my eldest two kiddos and I have a present for my youngest which he will enjoy.  I have sweets for my sweetie(Hubs) and a card(a funny one of course!) and we'll share a date tonight at a small romantic spot.  Afterwards, we'll return home and he'll busy himself in front of the tv watching some combination of political news and sports coverage before falling asleep in his recliner.
I'll spend some time working on this year's FAFSAs(we get the honor of doing 2, yay me!), pour myself a glass of wine and read some blogs before crawling into bed by 2am.
Ah, the romance of the old married couple......

Take time today and everyday to show your loved ones how you feel about them.



  1. We don't really "do" Valentine's Day. I have a couple of small candy items for Kat, along with a craft kit of some sort for her to enjoy. That's it.

  2. We dont' go all out for Valentines Day except for exchanging cards and giving each other and the kids a wee bit of candy and a card.
    Robb and I did go out to dinner last night tho and tried not to talk about the kids... But they've been so stressful lately it's hard not to. But we tried!
    And I just had the leftovers for lunch today. YUM!!!!

  3. Sluggy, stop screening my comments. I would never be so bold as to write sh&t in a comment like you did in your post. Seriously, comments will come to you whether you approve them or not, Crazy!
    Love this post. And I love your sarcastic wit. It reminds me of, wait, ah shucks, I can't remember his name. But if I think of it at 1:55a.m, I'll give you a ring.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Oops! Did not realize I had not joined. Happy Valentines Day Sluggy! I luv your UN-orthodox ways! Shhh! don't tell my mother-in-law!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! Our plan is a quiet night in with homemade pizza, followed by streaming the latest episode of RuPaul's "Drag Race" online. Is there anything more romantic than drag queens and pizza?

  6. I, also, watch my follower count and rejoice when I have another follower. My heart goes flip flop. When lose one, I examine my own actions, look for a comment, or try to figure out how I offended someone.

    Exbf was here today to help me, as usual. Neither he nor I even mentioned Valentine's Day until a female friend called and wished me a Happy Valentine's Day. She told me to say it to him. He sat there like a deer in headlights and said nothing. He said the day meant nothing to him...bah...humbug. But, he is one of the nicest men I have ever known. And, the most annoying EVER...lol.

    I bought myself a tiny heart with four or five pieces of candy. That was more than I needed.

  7. Damn you just reminded me I have to go in an fix a mistake on the fasfa...crap

  8. I have lost a couple of followers recently. I think it is because I am dull.

    I took of Monday and spent the day with Hubby to celebrate Valentine's Day. On Tuesday I worked. But we had a lovely evening together as always.


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