Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Huge Head Diva Self

While I was going through boxes in the living room the other day, as part of Week 3's Decluttering Challenge I came across some old photos and momentoes.

One of them is an old photo of Yours Truly at about 2.5 years old. 
The story behind this photo......My grandmother had paid for a professional photographer to come to our house and take my photo while I posed in front of a white sheet.  My mom had taken one of the pictures that resulted from this photo shoot and shellac-ed it onto a plaster frame that had been painted gold.
Yes, we were high end, rich folks back in the early 1960'

Anyway, as I mentioned in #2 son's Birthday post yesterday, that large, nah HUGE! heads run in my family, I thought I'd give you a looky loo at My Diva Self in about late 1960.

Is it me or does this look like someone took a cute little toddler's body and plopped a Rocky Dennis head down on it? ;-)

 And yes, we both have the "Ginger" think going on too!



  1. That picture gives me no it up and take another.

    Shellacked to a frame? Sort of gives a girl no wiggle room? That will all the fashion in a few years or at least a collectible folk art.I mean the shellacking part and not the immobilizng of females.

    My daughter commented that her son finally grew into his head. She said he was concerned. She laughed and said they were a big-headed family.

    Shellaced to

  2. Just think how large your brain is!!

  3. My family used to have a photographer come to our house once a year. I thought everyone did it.

  4. You are adorable but poor Rocky not so much!

  5. It's great finding these old treasures.


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