Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rite-Aid This Week......Through the Reading Glasses

Here are my 2 transactions at Rite-Aid this week taking advantage of the "Power of 3".....first on the BIL's card....

1 x Foster Grant glasses BOGO50=$9.99
1 x Foster Grant glasses BOGO50=$4.99
1 x Foster Grant glasses w/20% Wellness disc.=$7.99
Used  $12 in +Ups=$10.97 + $.66 tax=$11.63 OOP
I put that all in my R-A gift cards(I actually used up the gift card I've been using since last August and started on another

I got back 2 $15 +Ups....1 for the first 2 pairs and 1 for the third pair.
Some deals(the ones that require you to buy 2 items)trigger a second +Ups when you buy a third item instead of waiting until you buy the fourth item to trigger the next +Ups.  The Reading Glasses Deal is one such scenario. (It was triggering a $15 +Ups for EACH pair purchased but that glitch has been fixed.)

Then a transaction using my card......

1 x Foster Grant glasses BOGO50=$9.99
1 x Foster Grant glasses BOGO50=$4.99
1 x Foster Grant glasses w/20% Wellness disc.=$7.99
2 x Huggies Wipes on sale BOGO50($4.29)=$6.43
1 x Gain dish soap on sale=$.89
1 x Trident gum w/20% Wellness disc.=$1.19

I used 1 x $1/2 Huggies ManuQ....$31.48-$1=$30.48
I used the 2 x $15 +Ups I got earlier to pay....$30.48-$30=$.48 OOP
I put the .48¢ on my R-A gift card.
I received 2 x $15 +Ups for buying the reading glasses leaving me $30 in +Ups to roll.

My receipt shows $24 more toward the $100 needed for the $20 Winter Reward for a total of $74.  Only $26 left to buy on this card to get the Reward and I have 2 more weeks to accomplish this feat.

I got a raincheck for the GE CFL lightbulbs that are free this week(after $3 in-ad Q and $1 ManuQ from the inserts).  They stapled the In-ad Q to the raincheck and noted it on the slip so I can get the sale price after this week is over.  If the bulbs come in before March 3rd it will count toward the Winter Reward +Up Deal too.

The reading glasses will go to the Food Bank(after I check with BIL if he wants/needs any of them first as he doesn't use prescription lenses but he may use "cheaters"). 8-)

It feels strange to me to be finished with my Rite-Aid shopping by Wednesday.  I've been delaying it and going on Saturday late afternoon or evening since 2012 began.

What did y'all get at Rite-Aid this week?



  1. Since I am completely envious and have no idea about RiteAid, I have a question. Can you use your rewards from your BIL to pay for stuff you got with your card. Is it like Wags or like CVS?

  2. SonyaAnn--Yes, you can and I do!lol At least for now since they are working on making rewards unique to each card/account like CVS does. When that day comes my Rite-aid glory days will be behind me....


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