Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Last Bit of February Decluttering Porn & Short Fat Ken Dolls

Let's close out February on this Leap Day in style, shall we?
How do we do that?
Why with Decluttering Porn, that's how!

Micro Machines Star Wars Action Fleet vehicle set
Micro Machines Star Wars Playset
McDonald's Playset
Lord of the Rings Mt. Doom Figure set
Star Wars role playing card game
Set of Miniature Teddy Bears
GI Joe action figures Keychain set
Power Rangers Trans-Armour Cycle with figure
Micro Machines Star Wars Endor Playset
4 x Micro Machines Star Wars vehicle sets
Small Soldiers stuffed toy
Power Rangers Card game
2 x 101 Dalmatians pens
101 Dalmatians cookie cutters
Hot Wheels truck

Set of John Wayne Racing Champion Cars
Small Soldiers Chip Hazard Room Defender figure
Star Wars Ep.1 Anakin's Pod Racer
2 x Micro Machines Star Trek Vehicles sets
Power Rangers mini Megazord figure
Power Rangers Zeo Ranger figure
2 x 101 Dalmatians mini pillows
2 x 101 Dalmatians water globe toys
Set of Dilbert magnets
2 Throw Blankets
12 Political Beanies

Star Wars Micro Machines Endor playset
Beast Wars Micro Machines playset
Numi blooming tea set
Pink & Yellow Power Ranger Dolls Set
20 Posters
4 Johnny Lightning cars
Drew Carey Doll
Small Soldiers Archer figure
Power Rangers playing cards
3 hand dyed Beanie Babies
Set of Power Ranger cupcake papers
Hot Wheels set of Reggie Jackson cars

81 more items outta here!!

Yes, turns out this was NOT the brilliant idea I thought it was years ago.
The Drew Carey Doll has not become a much sought after object of desire.....

...unless I want to take the doll out of the box and sell him as a "Short Fat Ken in Suit".  Which is what this guy does....he's hit on a formula to unload a buttload of these dolls.  Check out  one of his auctions HERE.

And speaking of Drew Carey, has anybody seen him lately?  I dare say he's looking mightily hot....

He's single, funny, rich, a Libertarian, is a close personal friend of Craig Ferguson and he gives money to libraries. 
Damn.....some days it's too bad I'm married! ;-)

I'm sure Drew would be thrilled to know he was included in a blog post about porn.....

But I do love his tv work.
And the various openings to each of the 8 Seasons of his tv series.....



  1. That Drew Carey clip took me back. I used to watch it with my Gran and she would just crack up as soon as Mimi appeared. She just loved her!
    And no, I had no idea that Drew Carey now. Wow!

  2. I don't watch TPIR, so I haven't really seen him on that show. I loved him on Who's Line and liked the Drew Carey Show pretty well. He's kinda cute in a nerdy sort of way.

  3. We used to LOVE the Drew Carey show! He had a doll made? weird.
    He HAS slimmed down! Wow!

  4. Drew Carey is one of my secret crushes. I *adore* that man! However, I have never seen the skinny DC, as in your before and after pics above. Can't say that I like the new and not improved DC near as much as the teddy bear version.

    p.s. how much is that Drew Carey doll in the window?

  5. Hahaha short fat Ken!!!! I never would have thought of that one!

  6. Dont laugh I have the Mimi doll. Well not me but my sister since that is her nickname. She didnt talk to me for two weeks after I bought it for her heheh

  7. I really love Drew Carey,the cuddly version or the slimmer version. .


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